The Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6

The Best Heroes in Bloons TD 6 ...

Bloons Tower Defense has been one of the most popular tower defense games since the series began as a flash game in 2007, and with each installment, new features have been added. Heroes are special monkeys who have unique attacks and abilities.

Each hero is very powerful in some way or another, but players are permitted to use one game wisely to ensure that players are capable of dealing with the most difficult levels and co-op games. Here''s a list of the best heroes from Bloons TD 6. Each one is worth the cost of unlocking and can save you in a pinch.


Gwendolin has a few powerful AoE attacks that can easily clear an area, but she does not have to crush camo bloons without assistance. She must then perform purple bloons until she receives an upgrade at level 16.

Admiral Brickell

Admiral Brickell is a water-based hero who is easily underestimated. She has two different attacks, but every two seconds she dispenses a mine into the water nearby, which she''ll recover from any damage she has suffered from. This hero is responsible for $5000 to unlock.

Pat Fusty

Pat Fusty is well worth the $3,000 unlock cost. He can be placed on either land or water, and is relatively inexpensive when compared to some of the other players available. Pat can crush lead bloons and as he levels up he can stun and to a ton of damage to MOABs. He is an excellent all-around player for all skill levels and abilities. He is a mediocre defender.


Etienne has a unique skill in Bloon TD6, in that he has drones that can traverse the map, putting bloons in tandem with towers. Etienne has been built into his own at level 19, with four drones all active at once, and level 20 has a permanent UCAV capable of poping all bloon types while activating.


Benjamin is a bit more costly than other bloons but is a huge help in the late game. He does not attack bloons directly, but he also assists players in extending their survival time. He gains the ability to reduce the damage of other monkeys and prevent bloons from spawning when they are popped. Benjamin can make this move a lot easier in the later stages and should be purchased early on.


Adora is a high damage dealing hero. She fires homing bolts of sunlight that increase her damage and range. She is also quite expensive to unlock and earn cash by purchasing those belonging to others.


PSI is an extremely powerful hero with its ability to hold all bloons in place while simultaneously destroying them with psychic power. Her ability to disrupt a bloon wave for seconds at a time can help mitigate some of the later DDT-rush levels, while continuing to eliminate more standard enemies. PSI makes a massive impact from the first level owing to her ability to target camo.