Austin Butler was karate every day to prepare for Elvis and thrown his toe out

Austin Butler was karate every day to prepare for Elvis and thrown his toe out ...

Are you looking for Elvis Presley, a famous karate master?

In theaters June 24, Austin Butler was trained in the art of karate to play Presley.

Every day, with my movement coach, Butler explained to AP Entertainment. We would study Elvis and we would then examine his movements and then all of his fellow dancers. And also general things like swing dancing and tap dancing, and things just for dexterity and movement.

During the daily exercise, you may also work with a dialect coach to create Presleys drawl and practice singing nonstop, starting with morning vocal exercises to expand the Butlers range.

Butler cited some injuries from his transformation into Presley. I had to do a lot of rehab because I threw my shoulder out at one point, my knee popped at another point, and all these obstacles I had to overcome.

After finishing production on the film, Butler was even hospitalized. Alum of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood described his body as being shut down after having lived for over two years.

Luhrmann explained, Honestly, I put him through the ringer, but he lived Elvis. What hes managed to do is not do an impersonation, but live Elvis, in part because to Butler''s commitment to cinema.

Even Presley''s ex-wifePriscilla Presley, daughter Lisa Marie Presley, and granddaughterRiley Keoughwere moved to tears seeing Butler in character. Lisa Marie said Butlerdeserves an Academy Award for her distinctive portrayal of the rock star, claiming that the former Disney star embodied my father''s heart and soul beautifully.

In his talk about the film, David Ehlrich said that Butlers'' immaculate Presley imitation would be the best thing about it, even if it were stopped at mimicry, but the actor does more than nail Presley''s singing voice and stage presence; he also conceals them, slipping free of iconography and giving the film an opportunity to enthuse a new sense of belonging.

"I threw my shoulder out my knee popped." @AustinButler endured an injury and rigorous training for his role as Elvis Presley in the next @BazLuhrmann biopic, #Elvis

AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) June 22, 2022