In the Boys, Antony Starr reveals an exciting battle between Homelander and a soldier

In the Boys, Antony Starr reveals an exciting battle between Homelander and a soldier ...

Season 3 of The Boys has sprung up to the show''s most powerful encounter yet. Now, Homelander''s actor Antony Starr cannot wait for the fanbase to see what happens when the two meet.

Homelander, the Boys'' main antagonist, has never encountered anyone who has found the same immense and exponential potential as he has. Now that Vought''s original icon Soldier Boy is back in the picture, he may have just met his match.

Starr discussed Homelander''s future confrontation with Soldier Boy in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Starr said that since Soldier''s Boy''s personality is so powerful, fans should expect to see a fiery conflict. "When you have two alpha men who both consider themselves the most powerful and most famous person on the planet, that gets to conflict pretty quickly."

While The Boys has shown from the start that Homelander was the real antagonist as Evil Superman, the third season has also revealed that his predecessor, Soldier Boy, who is basically Evil Captain America, was in the same boat as Homelander when he was running the show. Worst yet, their displeasure for him was so high that the first chance they had to have him out of their lives was, and they were more than happy to let it all happen for free.

Soldier Boy is on the rampage now that he knows that both Vought and his original team, who he believed, staged a coup to get him out of the picture. Regardless, Homelander is likely to be a much worse option than he has already experienced.

It adds to the whole story''s disgruntled relationship, especially when you have the opportunity to rid the one person who exemplified the problem most, but it does not mean that the problem itself has been solved. This goes beyond the notion that Soldier Boy may be a worse alpha than Homelander. Today, our protagonists have obtained their very first sense of power. Hughie evidently enjoys that he can fight back when he''s been completely powerless for all, while Butcher primarily

Season 3 of The Boys can be seen on Amazon Prime.