A New Character from Vampire Survivors Is UhA Tree That Doesnt Move At All

A New Character from Vampire Survivors Is UhA Tree That Doesnt Move At All ...

Ive not played a lot of Vampire Survivors, but I know that moving around, dodging enemies, and running about are key elements of the game. So, it''s a bit odd that the surprise hits the new secret character, which has just been added in its latest beta update, is a fruit tree that doesn''t move. However, this tree is absolutely excellent at killing the shit.

The popular Castlevania-inspired retro-inspired shoot em up, Vampire Survivors, has been relaunched on Steam. Anyone can opt in to the games public beta branch for further information, such as the hit indie games latest update, 0.7.3. This update adds new weapons, arcanas, and some characters.

One of these new playable survivors is*double checks notes* uha tree. Its not just a tree, but a magical one, with some nice-looking fruit.

Peppino, which means that unlike trees in real life, it does not move. However, unlike trees in real life (well in my neck of the woods at least) Peppino is able to utilize spells, abilities, and items to fight off enemies and has the ability to suck in nearby gems when they drop. This all means that the tree is still centered in a large, circular aura that kills most things when they get too close.

Before you can play as this secret new tree youll need to unlock it. To do that, youll first need to utilize Celestial Dusting to heal the plants at Il Molise for a total of 100,000 HP. If you dont know what that means or how to do ithello! As a result, many internet users are already sharing easy-to-follow tutorials that you can follow along the way. It looks like it involves a dog.

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If you haven''t tried Vampire Survivors, the game has just made its way to Game Pass. It only costs three bucks on Steam, but saving money is reducing money. I get it.