Star Stable offers free cosmetics, treats, and more

Star Stable offers free cosmetics, treats, and more ...

As you explore a magical open world alongside your very own horse, you can relax, participate in competitions, caring for your pony pals, or connecting with other riders.

Weve collected this list of the most recent Star Stable codes, offering a variety of great freebies, from snaps to keep your horses happy and healthy, to sophisticated cosmetics to kit your character out with. We do this regularly, but be sure to check back from time to time for additional goodies.

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Star Stable codes

Codes for Active Person:

  • STARRIDER2022 seven days of Star Rider [new players only]
  • SILVERJACKET silver jacket cosmetic
  • BRONZEJACKET bronze jacket cosmetic
  • STARSTABLEHONEY four days of Star Rider [new players only]
  • 7DAYSBIRTHDAYFUN seven days of Star Rider [new players only]
  • THUMBSUP t-shirt cosmetic
  • READTHEBOOK or STARSHINEPLUSH Starshine Plush saddlebag pet
  • HORSESNACK one apple and one carrot treat [new players only]

Codes for Exposed Persons:

There are no star stabilable codes here.

What are Star Stable codes?

Star Stable Entertainment AB has given you freebies to help you go on your equestrian adventure, including horse treats, cosmetics, boosts, and more. New codes are becoming increasingly popular during game events. Please follow this link to see the full schedule for additional Star Stable items.

How do I redeem my Star Stable codes?

Redeeming your Star Stable codes is simple. Follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Star Stable and log in
  • Open the account menu and go to the redeem a code section
  • Type your code into the textbox
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

This is why we offer Star Stable codes. If you want to get out the saddle and try something new, head to our selections of the best mobile games and Switch games and embark on a new adventure.