Destiny 2's best way to farm Exotics

Destiny 2's best way to farm Exotics ...

Bungie has hidden away new Exotic armor pieces in Destiny 2, as part of his Legendary Lost Sectors. What are they, and how can they be shipped for Exotic gear?

Exotic Armor Farming in Destiny 2

The best way to get Exotics in Destiny 2 is to operate the daily Legendary Lost Sector. These will rotate on a daily basis and offer a chance of receiving Exotic gear if completed solo. There is a slight chance of receiving the Exotic on Legend but the chance of receiving the Lost Sector is higher.

Extraction on Savathun''s Throne World is being discontinued. There are several changes that must be identified before going into each Lost Sector. The adjustments for Extraction are:

  • Arc and Void shields
  • Champions: Overload and Unstoppable
  • Limited revives
  • Equipment locked
  • Match game
  • Raider shield
  • Arc burn

The removal of a Legendary Lost Sector is no small feat. However, these challenges make Guardians think outside of the box and craft builds they otherwise wouldn''t. However, the drop rate for the Exotics can be low, but completion should never take more than 5-10 minutes. Many third-party websites will allow Guardians to quickly identify the Legendary Lost Sector, but taking a cursory glance in the Director will also reveal the same information.