Easter Eggs for Ms. Marvel Episode 3

Easter Eggs for Ms. Marvel Episode 3 ...

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Destined should be about Kamala''s big brother getting married. Although the festivities do play a role in the episode, Aamir and his bride take a back seat to the action, as Kamala discovers more about her heritage and has a huge fight on her.

The history of Kamalas provides some interesting Easter eggs for Marvel Cinematic Universe enthusiasts and comics. They also raise a number of questions that will hopefully be answered by the end of the season.

A flashback to 1942 reveals a search for the bangle Kamala wears in the modern day. The search takes place in a temple, and reveals a severed blue hand wearing one. This is because the bangle is also associated with the mythological Djinn mentioned.

The Nega Bands would be able to offer Kamalas abilities in the series, although these bangles are believed to be from another dimension. Only one coup is discovered.

The frames on the temple floor also appear to reference to another set of bracelets in the MCU. It appears they point to Shang-Chi''s Ten Rings, as the interlocking rings on the temple floor are the same logo as in Shang-Chi.

When rings were used by a new person, the rings seemed to have different abilities. Even if they appear to be different, they might be originated in the same area, or that their wearers have crossed paths in Earth''s ancient past.

Kamala''s mother gives her a crash course in just where her family and the bangle originate. Unlike the comics, its not an Inhuman lineage. They are banished Djinn from another dimension that have existed for over 100 years. Aisha was one as well. They refer to themselves as the Clandestined, which is a play on another Marvel super-powered family that also has a connection to Djinn.

While the Djinn, or Jinn, are mythical beings of immense ability, which provided the basis for the legends of genies in the real world, but they also inspire a magical being in Marvel Comics. The Djinn are a race with immense power that slowly either leaves Earth completely or is eradicated depending on the comic book backstory.

There is a Djinn in the comics who ties with a human man named Adam thousands of years before the modern timeline. Elalyth falls in love with a man named Adam, saving him and making him immortal, and the two have several children. The children, from Ms. Marvel, have a very long life span and form the Clan Destine, with Destine as his surname. Aadam is a nod to him. Some of them are superman, but others are also villain

In the teaser, Kamala is told she is, ajnabi, which means no one or another. She is also told she is, Majnoon, which is a term used to describe people with mental illness. One of the more interesting is the unseen.

While the term may be related to the Djinn myth that they are invisible to humans, it is also used in Marvel Comics, although not for the Djinn. In the comics, it instead used to describe a group of beings that cannot be seen by the Watcher, an powerful being who can observe the timeline, but is never intended to interfere. What If the character made his MCU debut in the Disney Plus series What If?

Noor is a real-world word that does not mean light, as Kamala mentions. The use of it here is an interesting one for the series, although not necessarily an Easter egg. Noor''s connection to another dimension is similar to that of a whole other type of power in the Marvel universe.

There is, after all, a Dark Dimension. Cloak & Dagger, its where Zero Matter came to be known as Dark Force years later in Agents Of SHIELD. While these three shows may not quite be listed on the main MCU timeline anymore, they demonstrate precisely what Kamrans mother speaks off, with darkness instead of light. Characters in each of the three shows are able to manipulate darkness the same way Kamala manipulates light, but with different aspects of the power.

Clea, a Doctor Strange character, is from the Dark Dimension in the comics, and every time she leaves it, she has to eventually return to it to reactivate her abilities. It appears that noor and the Clan Destine can sense Noor, but they do not have a connection to it in the same way Kamala can.

Kamala and Bruno discuss attempting to open the doorway to the house dimension for the Djinn. He is very clear on how dangerous it is. He wants to do more research into the theory behind it, and he names someone who is familiar to MCU enthusiasts.

Bruno decides to focus on Dr. Selvig''s research. He starred with Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis in several Marvel film adaptations, while his research is mentioned as a way to travel between Earth and Asgard.

The idea of a dimensional doorway has also been discussed in the MCU as America Chavez is able to travel to alternate Earths by opening star-shaped portals. If Kamala uses the bangle, America is more powerful than she realizes.

During the episode, when Kamala isn''t dressed in her wedding attire, she wears an Iron Man tee shirt, clinging to her theme of wearing a new superhero shirt in every episode, but they''re always outfitted with her Captain Marvel favorite vest.

Hulk gets a nod from a young couple at the wedding. In the first episode, Kamala wears the Hulk costume.

Kamala has a difficult time battling the Kamrans family at her brothers wedding. She has very little experience utilizing her abilities, but none is effective in assisting someone with them, making her stand out against five adults who have already used their abilities for at least 100 years.

Kamala realizes how strong she is rather than avoiding them, making her fist out in front of her, covered in bright light, and a smirk on her face. The cover art for Kelly Sue DeConnick was handcrafted by David Lopez.

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