Jamie Lee Curtis and Blumhouse collaborate to adapt a fire disaster novel for screens

Jamie Lee Curtis and Blumhouse collaborate to adapt a fire disaster novel for screens ...

A new kind of horror film will be added to the big screen by Jamie Lee Curtis and his frequent collaborators, Blumhouse Productions. The film focuses on the true story of the golden states 2018 Camp Fire, which has killed hundreds of people, as well as heroic tales of heroism and compassion in the face of death. Along with the touching on-screen videos from bus driver Kevin McKay and school teacher Mary Ludwig, the film will also highlight what might have been avoided.

The Camp Fire, which was formerly known for its ignition on Camp Creek Road, was quickly caused by a faulty electric transmission line. Due to the extreme weather, the fire quickly spread across nearby communities without warning. It would not be until a rainstorm seventeen days later that the fire would be completely put out. A total of 153,336 acres was destroyed and the lives of 85 civilians were accounted for.

Johnson wrote in a statement about her book-to-film career''s disclosure.

"It''s still a long road to recovery for Paradise''s people," said Jamie''s compassion and her desire to understand Paradise and its people. I was immediately impressed by Jamie''s compassion and her dedication to understand the whole situation. With her passion guiding the story, I know that this story will be told in a way that honors Paradise.

Jason Blum will produce on behalf of Blumhouse with Curtis under her Comet Pictures and Johnson joining as an executive producer. Lately, Curtis has been tapping her toes into the realm of environmental-based projects since February. Curtis, after the novel, decided to make it available for film and served as its director other than Blumhouse Films and Comet Pictures.

Both the project has a release date, but please keep an eye on Collider for more information on both Curtis and Blumhouses'' eco-centric features.