What You Should Expect From Chapter 1054 of One Piece

What You Should Expect From Chapter 1054 of One Piece ...

The much-awaited banquet at Wano Country was delivered at the end of every story arc in One Piece. There was a lot of joy as Oda reacted to the new achievements of the Worst Generation members and the announcement of the new Yonko. At the same time, chaos was brewing in the Udon area of Wano, where Admiral Ryokugyu finally made his move.

Despite Oda''s efforts, the Admiral wiped out King and Queen among his players in Wano, as well as Luffy as his next goal. In One Piece 1054, fans will have to wait until the series'' one-month-long break.

Admiral Green Bull vs Luffy in 3 One Piece 1054

After Luffy defeating Kaido, everything in the Wano arc ended up, but fans may be in for some more as Green Bull intends to take over with Luffy, the head of the Straw Hat Pirate, who was extremely injured following his fight against Kaido. However, the sheer number of allies that Luffy has in the capital appears to be sufficient to take down an Admiral in the United States. This suggests that One Piece 1054 may take another route in the country.

While he intends to defeat Luffy, it may be that they reach an mutually beneficial agreement. In the event Green Bull does try to defeat Luffy by himself, it goes without saying that it will not end well for him, especially if Luffy has recovered. In the event, one Piece chapter 1054 will see the likes of Kid, Law, Killer, Yamato, Zoro, and Sanji join forces in maneuvering to avoid large fights. Delicately, Oda may begin a major fight in

2 One Piece 1054: Where Is The Pluton?

The Ancient Weapon, Pluton, is considered to be a giant warship built on the Arabasta arc, but Nico Robin never revealed his location to him following the revelation on the Poneglyph in the country. This has made it possible that fans may also get to see this ancient weapon in One Piece 1054.

The Straw Hat Pirates are currently in possession of six different Poneglyphs, one of which is Road Poneglyphs. As such, all of this information must be delivered quickly to the viewers and the next chapter of the series is scheduled to kick off with a bang.

1 When Will One Piece 1054 Release?

The series fMORE:One Piece: Who Is The Sun God Nika? It''s time for the author to take a month-long break to prepare for the final act of the series. One piece 1054 will be released on July 25, 2022. Although the wait for the next chapter of the story is lengthy, fans will get some interesting drafts from Oda as a part of the "Road to Laugh Tale" project.