Elemental Blights Explained in Monster Hunter Rise

Elemental Blights Explained in Monster Hunter Rise ...

In Monster Hunter Rise, elemental affinities will affect them during battle. There are five blights, one for each element, and each have their negative impact on the player.

As a result of this, monsters may get blights on their tables, which can be a huge help in a difficult battle. An experienced player should know the effects of every elemental blight and determine the best methods to cure them or take advantage.

What Are Elemental Blights?

Elemental blights are a form of negative status effect that may be afflicted by a monster''s elemental attacks, like Rathian''s fireballs or Zinogre''s lightning. Blights are distinct from other status effects in the game, like Poison or Sleep. Items that cure blights will not help with other status effects, and vice versa.

An icon will appear by your health bar in the top left corner of the screen when you contract a fire. If you are playing with other hunters, you may see these icons by their health bars on the left side of the screen. Note that if you have set it so your name does not appear on the health bar, the icons will not appear.

Blastblight, Hellfireblight, Bubbleblight, and Bloodblight are not elemental blights, but they are status effects. Nullberries and the Blight Resistance skill do not affect them.

Curing And Preventing Blights

Blights are treated or treated by diverse methods:

  • Use a Nullberry. Nullberries cure all elemental blights.
  • Evade repeatedly. A few dodge rolls will dispel the blight.
  • Use an Antidobra or your Palico''''s Vase of Vitality. The Antidobra is a common Hunting Helper, and Vase of Vitality is a Palico support move.
  • Eat Dango. The Cacaoutstanding Dango will halve the duration of blights if its skill activates.
  • Increase your elemental resistance. A resistance above 20 will completely prevent that specific element''''s blight. Armor pieces have their innate resistances, and you can also eat Dango for specific elements.
  • Get the Blight Resistance skill. Level 3 Blight Resistance will completely negate all elemental blights. It''''s available on the Rathian set as well as a decoration.

Afflicting Blights On Monsters

Monsters can be given elemental blights for the first time in the Monster Hunter series. A Hunting Helper is a great way to inflict a blight. Once you pick one up, throw it at a monster to cover the blight. There are also beetles for every elemental blight except Dragon. Not all of them are available on all maps.

Wyvern Riding will assist you in afflicting blights. Certain monsters have elemental attacks that afflict blights. For example, Rathalos'' Mounted Punished will give its opponent Fireblight.


Fireblight is the most common elemental blight. It works similar to the Poison status effect, gradually taking health as the hunter burns. Depending on how close you are, this may be the easiest blight to remove. Usually, you must evade multiple times to clear Fireblight. If you are standing on dry terrain, it only requires you to escape once.

Monsters that have been affected with Fireblight will be difficult to flinch because to their versatility. Note that a flinch is different from a stun, and that a stun will complete the damage after a few seconds.


Waterblight will slow down the rate at which you recover stamina. For some weapons, like Bows or Dual Blades, this is particularly bad. It''s best to stick with a Nullberry for this one since Wirebugs are more valuable than stamina.

Waterblight softens the hide of monsters. These are the hardest parts of a monster - areas where your weapon would otherwise bounce off - will be able to receive damage. This is especially useful if you are fighting an armored monster like Basarios. It can also help you break off otherwise fine pieces, such as the horns of a Diablos.


Thunderblight makes it much easier for monsters to stun you. Once you have been blighted, any attack from any monster has a chance to stun. This is also one of the most deadly elemental blights.

Monsters with Thunderblight are more stunned by any weapon. It even applies to attacks that don''t hit the monster''s head. The stun status will build up from any attack, but can only be triggered by a hit to the head. A stunned monster will be knocked down for a long time.


Iceblight makes it simple, thus your Wirebug Gauge recovers much more slowly. This doesn''t just affect your movement, it also dampens your Silkbind Attacks and Wirefall. If you use a Silkbind Attack with an already moderate recovery rate, Iceblight may make it positively glacial.

Monsters with Iceblight will move significantly slower than usual. They will also become exhausted quickly, especially if they are enraged. Take precaution not to throw the Snowbeetle at a monster who is already exhausted. It will have no additional effect.


Dragonblight is a rare blight that is reserved for a few monsters (mostly elder dragons) and removes any elemental damage or status buildup on your weapon. If your weapon is only raw damage, Dragonblight may drastically reduce your damage output. Monsters cannot receive Dragonblight.

This elemental blight is also special because it ties into a very powerful build. Crimson Glow Valstrax weapons have a Rampage Skill called Valstrax Soul. Dragonblight is only really useful if you have a full set of Valstrax armor to max out the Dragonheart skill. Depending on your health, your attack power and other elemental resistances rise even when Dragonheart triggers.