I cant let the game go. Disney Mirrorverse review a game so awesome

I cant let the game go. Disney Mirrorverse review a game so awesome ...

I have always loved Disney since I was a wee whippersnapper. Even now, I have no problem saying that I am a huge fan of the franchise and many of the IPs found within. In fact, I take great pride in knowing that The Lion King came out the same year that I was born. In any event that you interest, my favourite Disney film is actually Frozen.

I''m about to dive into what I consider to be one of the best mobile games in a very long time, and it just so happens to have a distinct Disney twist. Ever since its introduction, I''ve been interested in getting my hands on Disney Mirrorverse, and thanks to the helpful staff at Kabam, I have spent the past few weeks with it, and trust me when I say it''s a must-play for any Disney fan.

Don''t worry. I do expect you to take my word for it without some confrontation from myself to explain why Disney Mirrorverse is the best Disney mobile game yet. Fortunately, im all too happy to dive deep in this review and lay it all out on the table.

First of all, Disney Mirrorverse is a film, which is already a major bonus in my book, given that it is the most popular genre. This game, especially since you dont create your own character, has access to a wide range of abilities, traits, and attributes. These help you to increase the heroes'' abilities by employing upgrade materials. Each class and rank can be grouped in different types.

The Disney Mirrorverse battlefield features three players, one of whom is close combat specialists, who can relieve the pain, and also provide assistance. The latter, as the name suggests, can handle a lot of damage and mitigate the strain that is placed on your melee fighter.

As for the support class, they serve as healers and are most efficient if they keep their distance from your adversaries. The fourth and final class, ranger, is also at its best on the opposite end of the battlefield. Rangers are long-distance warriors, and it''s fair to say that they dish out the greatest damage, but their defense stats balance this out.

As you can see, each Disney Mirrorverse class has a slew of characters. For example, Mulan, Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna, Scar, Anger, and others, while you can find heroes such as Belle, Tiana, Hiro Hamada, Mickey Mouse, and Mike Wazowski in the support class. Of course, where would the latter be without Sully, because he isn''t receiving his paperwork, that''s where.

As for Mike, Sully is also available as a tank, as for Mr Incredible, Maui, Baloo (he really can give you the necessities), and Baymax. Finally, the notable characters in the ranged class include Elsa, Merida, Maleficent, Goofy, and Buzz Lightyear. However, from the aforementioned selection, you can see that many fan-favourite characters such as Elsa and Anna are available, which fills me with hope. If I had them, I

This brings me to one of my gripes with the game, and that''s the gacha system. Yes, I understand that this is a key feature in most mobile games these days, especially as Genshin Impact propelled the system into the spotlight in a large way. However, you should still have a fairly good chance of getting your hands on the character you want, and pity systems should be clear in their parameters, and I feel that this is an area where Disney Mirrorverse is lacking. In my experience, when

Personally, I feel it somewhat divisive to have characters featured prominently in the game and then make it nearly impossible to get them through normal means. Because trust me, when I say I tried, I really tried I was unable to add these girls to my team, yet no matter how many crystals I got into the portal, I never got them, but I couldnt let it go, and thus I must say this.

This isn''t to say that there is no need to get them beyond getting extremely lucky with the gacha system, as I saw a few offers for Elsa. Yes, as in microtransactions, which brings me along nicely to my other issue with the game. While I will be fair and say they aren''t as intrusive as other mobile titles (looking at you, Diablo Immortal), the way they are pushed is certainly shady, especially when they have a tendency to pop up

I understand the potential for this type of monetization to always have. However, I understand that if they are included exclusively in the store, there is no need to wave it in my face, especially when it features a character I desperately desire, and this is certainly something that might be considered predatory to vulnerable individuals with gambling addictions or aggressive spending habits. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and with no Elsa to make a snow cone for me, I feel much more comfortable with this process, because it is not

You see, its not only character packs you can buy, but also crystals a premium currency that you use to summon new guardians, orbs, and coins. The latter two allow you to purchase a range of goods through the store, such as upgraded materials for your characters, but it is not necessary to do this, as you can earn a decent amount by simply playing the game. Another reason why I dont feel the need to spend money, because I still have a lot of great characters like Ariel and Merida.

Through the in-game store, you may claim some of the various in-game items for free. They are also available for daily tasks, journey tasks, and achievements. Besides, if youe following certain upgrade materials and you don''t have the currency to spare, you may go on supply runs or complete various events, towers, and dungeons.

If you get addicted to Disney Mirrorverse, there are a few options to get organic content on offer. This implies that this works quite well and hasn''t been much of an issue, but it might give you a break in your life if you get addicted to it (if you''re honest). When it comes to energy, you have a certain amount available, and each task costs a certain amount to perform, and the energy requirements increase every time you level up your profile.

Even the game is often costly to run on, so be aware that it takes a lot of time to get on with it once more. In fact, even the game is a shame, as it hooks you in, and the energy caps cause problems. I had difficulty understanding the main story when I played, but if you want to do other things alongside it, make sure you keep your mind on it.

I''ll give you an insight into what you can expect from the scenes, which is a big hit with me. Disney Mirroverses'' story introduces you to an alternate reality in which many of your favorite characters serve as guardians against the Fractured. This species wants to overtake all of the lands you know and love, including Agraba, Corona Forest, and others.

As they take on the form of your favourite characters, the Fractured has something to say. And, at the same time, you end up engaging with people such as Rapunzel, Merida, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, and Tiana. Of course, a couple of Villains cant help themselves by insisting on getting their hands on a special mirror.

Fortunately for you, especially if you love a villain, some of them soon realize that even they need to rid the Fractured, and thus they join forces with your favourite heroes, which opens them up for use when you enter the battlefield. I''ll post any spoilers on the campaign, as I enjoy it, and think you should dive in with fresh eyes and experience it for yourself, but I''ll admit that it includes a slew of characters, some excellent dialogue between them, and a surprisingly complex story

When it comes to the gameplay itself, I found Disney Mirrorverses combat to be challenging. Sure, I thought there would be a turn-based mechanic, but there isnt. Instead, you may control one of the three characters you encounter with with, using an analogue stick on the left side of the screen, and attack and ability buttons.

I allow the tank (Mr Incredible, in my case) to take the flak while I switch between the other two its a way that suits my aggressive playstyle, and I am grateful for that. On the flipside, I can equally appreciate the freedom this form of combat provides to other players, such as those who prefer a more aggressive approach, in which case you switch out the ranged or melee character.

In a relatively small area, you enter several sections of a map. It''s easy to get straight to the boss, while others offer numerous rounds of combat against minions (no, not the banana-obsessed ones, thats a different franchise), and on occasion, you might even bump into Mickey Mouse, who offers you three rewards to help you out during the game. These include a health boost, an increase in attack performance, and better defense.

So, it''s fair to say that im beyond impressed with what''s on offer in the game, except for a few fears. However, I can''t believe how good the game is, especially considering how fantastic it is. From the graphics to the new look that characters sport in this alternate reality, I absolutely loved it. Ariel is evidently a badass defender, but if you are following them.

I honestly had a fantastic experience with this aspect of the game, but you should look no further than Disney Mirrorverse.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Disney fan, this is the game for you. Heck, an RPG fanatic will play it here, as Disney Mirrorverse is by far the best Disney game on mobile in my opinion, and is a great addition to its respective genre. So don''t miss out on yourself and make this game a part of your world.