Blizzard is focusing on support heroes for Overwatch 2's release and beyond

Blizzard is focusing on support heroes for Overwatch 2's release and beyond ...

In a surprise AMA on June 22, Blizzard revealed that the Overwatch 2 development team has a lot of ideas for support heroes.

Support heroes, as the game approaches its early access release on October 4 are improved. Several existing support heroes are getting help to adapt their abilities to the new five-vs-five format better and to broaden the range of playstyles that supports it.

In the upcoming June 28 beta, the team announced that there will be modifications to the Moiras kit, which they hope will be completed, some of which were discussed in a recent Blizzard blog post. And the developers are also planning modifications to Brigitte, specifically for her Rally ultimate, that they would have done before.

Blizzard plans to add additional support to the games roster of playable characters after the Overwatch 2 release date trailer, boosting the number of support heroes to the game. While there will likely be as many support heroes as there are damage heroes, the developers intend to increase the number of options for support fans.

After tanks received dramatic improvements and buffs during the first Overwatch 2 PvP beta, fans complained that support was unable to keep up due to increased crowd control pressure and flanking potential. Blizzard responded by buffing and adjusting support, which helped alleviated the problem somewhat. Based on the reports to the AMA, it seems as though the organization is contemplating increasing their involvement in the community. We understand that diversity is crucial for us in the future, according to systems designer Gavin Winter.

The next PvP version of Overwatch 2 will be released on June 28.