Storytelling and entertainment are more important than winning to financial success, according to G2s Carlos

Storytelling and entertainment are more important than winning to financial success, according to G2 ...

The most popular esports organizations are investing in developing competitive rosters and acquiring spots in franchised leagues, which might help some fans understand that lifting trophies is the primary component in a team becoming successful. According to G2s CEO and founder Carlos Rodriguez, winning is a secondary factor for storytelling and entertaining people.

Rodriguez founded G2 in November 2013, and now teams in nearly every top-tier esport, including League of Legends, CS:GO, and VALORANT. The organization has become one of the world''s most popular, some of which has to do with how many titles theyve won, but Rodriguez believes that its management has the ability to distinguish the team from its competitors.

In an interview with Forbes, Rodriguez said, "We use to take on our strengths, which are two-fold." "Filly is storytelling [and] entertaining people, and second is winning. We monetize very differently from how our competitors [do]they often monetize their individual creators, which has a very low margin and is neither scalable nor sustainable.

G2 makes money by its own content creation, according to Rodriguez. This makes G2 one of the strongest brands in esports, owing to its ability to attract attention of many non-endemic sponsorships, including Mastercard, Adidas, and BMW, as well as popular gaming companies such as Logitech.

Sponsorship agreements are a major component for how our business is sustainable, according to Rodriguez. We are able to generate significantly greater value for partners than the money they pay us, which means they are generally susceptible to renewing. This is something we take pride in and continues to demonstrate our ability to increase their value over the years.

According to Rodriguez, one of the key factors for an esports organization''s financial future is to not behave like traditional sports teams. This is because the sports teams have a lot of recognition in their local community, and the locals come up for events, which does not work for esports.

Rodriguez said that nationality is at the top of the line in terms of brand authority and that developing English-speaking content is a vital component of establishing a brand, irrespective of where the organization is located.