The next release date for Total War: Warhammer 3 has been set for June

The next release date for Total War: Warhammer 3 has been set for June ...

We are eager to hear the Immortal Empires sandbox clash in Total War: Warhammer III, but it appears like there are plenty to choose between in the near future. The final release date for Total War: Warhammer III update 1.3 is set for June 30, and the patch will add several new regiments of retaliation and add fixes to the controversial strategy games'' Realm of Chaos campaign.

The Creative Assembly hasn''t yet specified the units they''ll belong to, but update 1.3 will include seven know regiments of renown, with new elite units going to each of the Warhammer 3s playable factions. Each core race will get a new team of elite variants to enlist in their campaigns.

Update 1.3 adds a prompt to teleport to the Forge of Souls whenever an enemy AI army does so you can confront them without having to camp there all the time. The final fight against the daemon prince Belakor has also been reintroduced.

The upcoming patch will add to the realm of Tzeentch. When your army enters or exits a teleport locus, action points will no longer be lost by interfering with items of interest. AI army will have to teleport eight times in order to gain access to the realms final area.

The full patch preview can be found on Steam in the latest devblog. There are other useful suggestions on the way: the AI will not be able to use Tzeentchs Changing of the Ways as much, as minor factions will no longer have access to the mechanic, and the cooldown is being increased for factions who can use it.

While she is in dragon form, Cathayan''s lord Miao Ying will be able to utilize her Eye of the Storm ability, which was initially intended by Creative Assembly.