Season 2 of The Bear: Is it renewed or canceled at Hulu, FX?

Season 2 of The Bear: Is it renewed or canceled at Hulu, FX? ...

WillThe Bearbe be renewed for a season 2 following the premiere on Hulu? Or, is this the end of the FX production?

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We know that on the surface, there is a lot to love when it comes to the series. If you have a great cast led by Jeremy Allen White, this is his first major series since the end of Shameless, and we know that he put his absolute love all into this role. Studying the culinary world can be a deep-dive for an actor who wants to take it seriously, and we absolutely know that he did it.

The Bear''s critical reception has been strong so far, whether it be the Whites'' performance or the accuracy that the show tries to present the subject matter. While the show is technically a comedy, there is also a lot of tension and drama that comes out of the kitchen. The sandwich shop is also a real emotional rift, and it''s so important to both the family and the city of Chicago.

For the time being, there is no confirmation of a season 2, but we are fairly optimistic that the show will gain momentum right now. It''s not coming with a lot of attention all around it, but we believe that positive word-of-mouth will tremendously aid it. We wish personally that Hulu have established a different release pattern for The Bearto today, and then aired one week until the conclusion.

The Bearseason 2 might debut at some point in 2023, so the time will tell.