What does the finale date for Big Brother 24 mean?

What does the finale date for Big Brother 24 mean? ...

The Saturday Night Live finale for Big Brother 24 has been officially unveiled, and it will include some surprises!

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The day of the premiere on Saturdays alongsideSurvivor is Sunday, September 25. This is a significant advance for the reality series, and one we tend to think would be a good one. However, since there are no other CBS fall premieres on that night, it might end up being delayed in some markets due to NFL football. So you''re going to want to stay off Twitter in certain areas of the country.

This season, for example, is only 82 days long, making it the shortest season of the show since Big Brother 14 a full decade ago. For us personally, this isn''t a bad thing. Some of the longer seasons will be significant, especially once you reach the end of the year. Up until a few years ago, we had to lose a whole week of gameplay until the feeds came on.

One thing we really hope is changed with the slightly shorter season is less time with the final four and three houseguests in the house by themselves. It''s boring at that point! We are committed to keeping as many players around for as long as possible, especially since it will improve the game''s character and charm. We also do not need to see three players waffling on their plans for three days on end.