The premiere date for Season 20 of NCIS is now on record!

The premiere date for Season 20 of NCIS is now on record! ...

Today,NCISseason 20 is officially given a premiere date, and our immediate reaction to it is nothing other than joy.

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We think it''s a good seven days earlier than we planned. Instead, we wanted to see the crime unfold again on September 19, and there are a number of reasons to be concerned.

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This is the earliest season ofNCIS has had its premiere since season 4, which was all the way back in 2006! Back then, modern-day activities like streaming services and Twitter were completely unknowns. Its strange how much the TV world has changed since then, partly because of the fact that several dates fell on the fall schedule, and it is in line with what Fox is also doing in a few months.

We are also curious if the premiering of the show increases the likelihood for future episodes we wrote recently that theres a case to be made for returning to 24, which is what the show had before the global health scare. Last season had 21, and we tend to believe personally that well get at least 22. It may be a long time before we get more confirmation as to what is going on here, therefore we cannot guarantee anything.

Given the end of Season 19, we feel confident in saying that a lot of people will be anxious to get season 20 as soon as possible. This helps to make things easier.

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