Before buying Marvel's Spider-Man on PC, here's what you should know

Before buying Marvel's Spider-Man on PC, here's what you should know ...

The acclaimed Game of the Year winner for 2018, one of the best Marvel video games ever made, and one of Insomniac Games'' finest pieces of work, has announced the sequel''s first release from the PlayStation family of consoles. For those who have already played Spider-Man, this is the perfect opportunity to get back to PC for a second, third, or even fourth go, and for those who haven''t had the chance to experience the world''s best video game outing.

As it becomes the first PlayStation 4, Marvel''s Spider-Man has radically altered since it was introduced on store shelves. Although the main story mode and gameplay are all the same as they were day-one, there have been a few tweaks to visuals, along with some DLC enhancements that extended Spidey''s story for a few hours. On top of that, the PC version is expected to have even more visual fidelity and performance prowess than its PlayStation 5 counterpart, making this version potentially the best.

Marvel''''s Spider-Man''''s General Gameplay Loop

For those who haven''t played Marvel''s Spider-Man yet, it''s a good idea to get a general understanding of the gameplay and story before diving in head-first. The game, which begins eight years after Peter Parker''s web-slinging career as Spider-Man, sees a somewhat more adult Peter try to grapple with all of the usual Spidey stuff: relationships, super villains, great power, and responsibility.

After a few side missions have been completed, the game continues at a near-perfect pace. This year, players will encounter random crimes that they''ll need to stop, discover hidden Kingpin bases they''ll need to infiltrate.

The Spider-Man franchise, which has been a traditional third-person superhero, isn''t just mediocrity, but its mechanics ensure that it never beats the crowd. With Insomniac''s excellent controller feedback, the game''s encounters stand out, separating themselves from Batman: Arkham''s freeflow system.

What''s included in Marvel''s Spider-Man''s PC version

Instead of just being a port of the 2018 PS4 original, Marvel''s Spider-Man on PC is actually the Remastered version of the game, which was only available for PlayStation 5, at the time. At the time, it seemed a little odd to be "remastering" a game that came out several years ago, but the final product is more than worth the effort and time it takes to get it started.

Alongside Marvel''s Spider-short campaign, the Remastered version of the game starts around 30 hours. These three story releases are all available under the City That Never Sleeps banner. These DLCs take place a month or two after Spider-short''s story mode closes. These DLCs add some fan-favorite characters like Black Cat and Hammerhead, giving them even greater Spidey content to chew on.

Generally speaking, players might switch between a Fidelity Mode, a Performance Mode, and then a Performance RT (ray-tracing) mode, which gave them the best of both worlds. With the game on new hardware, Insomniac was able to really push the technical boundaries of the game and ended up providing an extremely smooth, visually-stunning experience. This is a set of the most technically-impressive PS5 games out now.

Despite Marvel''s Spider-Man Remastered being released in less than a month for PC, Sony and Insomniac have been somewhat debating about how the game will run on PC. It''s currently unclear what control scheme will look like, what graphics and performance options will be available on release, or whether accessibility features will be available from the PS5 version.

It''ll only be a matter of time before Marvel''s Spider-Man PC is dragged back to hell and back. While Sony probably won''t officially endorse mods, it will not stop talented modders from bringing their fair share of intriguing (and bizarre) content. Thomas the Tank Engine will swing around New York in about two months or so.

Miles Morales, who plays Spider-Man later this year, is coming later this year.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the sequel to Sony''s state of play, is also coming to PC later this year. Currently, Marvel''s Spider-Man Remastered is scheduled to release on August 12th, while Miles Morales is set to follow the game a few months after, with a planned total date of Fall 2022. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a clumsy Spider-Man sequel, is expected to release soon after Sony''s State of Play.

Miles Morales takes the whole game even further, giving Miles even more swing-out and air-based scenes than Peter ever had. Insomniac is keen to innovate and push the franchise forward in new and exciting ways.

The PS4 and PS5 version of Marvels Spider-Man is now available. A PC version will be released on August 12.