The 5 Best Disaster Films from Science Fiction

The 5 Best Disaster Films from Science Fiction ...

Movies allow viewers to learn something new and see things they never imagined in real life. Disaster movies are for the best, but they''re also fun to watch, yet nobody wants to know exactly what the characters are doing.

If the disaster genre is combined with science fiction, it becomes more apparent that not everything that comes to space or is closely linked to science fits the human race. Even though sci-fi disaster movies aren''t as common as other genres, those who enjoy them still have their fair share of fantastic movies to watch!

5 Don''''t Look Up (2021)

Don''t Look Up, a sci-fi disaster drama, received a lot of attention. It reveals a tension-filled story about a comet approaching Earth that threatens to exterminate all people. However, many people think something bad is happening, and it might be too late by the time they realize the truth. The film is a clever satire about human behavior, and it often does not make sense.

The director of Don''t Look Up has a great sense of humor and a star-studded cast, such as Meryl Streep as the United States'' president. However, critics have expressed their delight, but it is still a must-watch for all those who follow this genre, which is both intelligent and funny.

4 World War Z (2013)

Despite the fact that a larger number of movies about the zombie apocalypse might fit into the category of a sci-fi catastrophe, World War Z has a more scientific approach and feeling to it than other zombie movies. And as for the disaster part, a catastrophe is what happens when a zombie epidemic threatens to overrule the planet and kill everyone. This is no easy task since the source can hide in any area of the world.

Despite the fact that World War Z was not a typical zombie film, Conway is looking for the source as well as the scientific part in which zombies menace and kill individuals. This makes for a refreshing and unique blend that brings together the best of both nations.

3 Sunshine (2007)

Danny Boyle is no stranger to sci-fi disaster movies after making 28 Days Later in 2002. However, this sci-fi disaster piece was mostly under the radar and didn''t receive as much as it would at the box office. It presents a future that is difficult to live in. That''s why a group of astronauts travel to the Sun to revive it. It provides surprising twists and a lot of space to the protagonists.

Sunshine is more down-to-earth than other sci-fi movies, as it focuses on a few characters. Despite being set in space, it proves that some things are out of their hands. Despite the story, it gives a positive impression if it is because of it.

2 Deep Impact (1998)

Deep Impact, which featured a mixed reception, is more emotional, even though it is mixed. Despite that and the film''s structure, it works. Once again, a comet is threatening Earth, and it''s up to humans to stop it from coming or at least try and minimize the damage. It''s also easy to sympathize with them and become more invested in their family.

Deep Impact is yet more proof that bad things can come from space and that it will impact both the actors and viewers alike. An interesting fact is that Deep Impact, which was founded in 1998, is still impressive, and is quite one of the reasons why it became a sci-fi disaster classic.

1 Independence Day (1996)

In many sci-fi disaster films, like The Day After Tomorrow (2004), where he transformed the planet into a frozen plateau, no other filmmaker prefers to destroy Earth. Despite this, Emmerich''s greatest film is Independence Day, which includes aliens attacking Earth and brave individuals fighting against them.

The first part of the film received not the same positive reviews as its predecessor, but includes a lot of action, a lot of damage, and memorable performances from actors such as Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum.