Review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 8

Review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 8 ...

The first eight episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds have had no "dud" episodes. Unfortunately, the series may be delayed. For that reason, the crew often discovers themselves wearing some rather bangy outfits and forgetting entirely who they are. The show has done a fantastic job of capturing the thrill of the original series and making Star Trek so popular many years ago.

Despite the fact that even the original Star Trek wasn''t a home run episode every week, there were some stinkers. Even this way, Strange New Worlds is paying a kind of homage. That doesn''t mean that "The Elysian Kingdom" was a particularly bad episode. There were even some touching moments. When it came to science and medicine, the episode just wasn''t all that interesting.

The crew of the USS Enterprise is checking out a spacial body that even Captain Pike believes is about as good as possible. So, the show does a humorous joke, where Spock even makes a suggestion that he may have a nice quiet time after landing on the ship. This leads to a call to the bridge for Dr. M''Benga.

However, when the doctor arrives on the bridge, he discovers that it has instead been transformed into his royal court. This is because he has been clothed in the outfit of a character from a book he and his daughter often read together. This is because he was often hiding his daughter in the transporter buffer as a stasis field while attempting to find a cure for her very rare illness.

It''s evident that a Star Trek episode exposes some sort of illness that even the most advanced technology of the future can''t cure. Of course, it''s also no longer all that interesting in that every time this kind of plot device is introduced, it''s almost a given that the story will direction this week. It did indeed go in that direction this week, meaning that the person who was sick was suddenly well again only there was a choice that their loved ones had to make. That choice is usually "they can be

This particular episode certainly had an awareness that at one point, the doctor''s daughter was "cured" with no sign of the illness. However, as it turned out, there was supposedly a danger if M''Benga made the wrong decision. This is the kind of thing where viewers tend not to be so crappy, but they failed that particular test this week.

The characters are mostly funny, with La''an Noonien-Singh appearing as the over-the-top princess. Although her part was quite small, and she wasn''t on-screen much much, the show encouraged her to stretch her wings if only because the actual Noonien-Singh would do no such thing. Similarly, Ortegas gets to be on screen and show off her abilities more than she has ever done before.

Anson Mount possesses a very small role this week as he is a cowardly and eventually destructive assistant to the monarch. The downsides of this role are that it sounded like Mount was truly enjoying the role. There were also others who wished to be free from their usual abilities and to explore completely new things. Instead, they simply made him a different character with the same character traits.

While it appears that there were several members of the show who enjoyed doing something different than the season earlier, the episode was quite uneven on its own. Regardless whether it was because the plot was quite readily predicted once it was revealed as not being a major obstruction or surprising one, there was just something missing in this week''s episode of Strange New Worlds. The good news is that even when the show isn''t putting out a top-of-the-line product, it is still pretty darn good and that''s enhanced