How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Time Travel Mechanics Could Work

How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Time Travel Mechanics Could Work ...

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are launched as the first fully open world Pokemon titles, eliminating the limitations that the previous two Game Freak titles imposed. Players will benefit greatly from this opportunity to experiment with the world, as well as to a playthrough with up to three other people. However, although less than ten new Pokemon have been discovered so far, there is already a lot to look forward to in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

There is one other issue that fans have been discussing, however. Game Freak has shown a pattern of incorporating some sort of battle system gimmick into the last few mainline Pokemon titles. Both Sun and Moon had Z-Moves, and Sword and Violet have already shown the turn order system from Pokemon Legends. However, some might suggest this.

Scarlet and Violet are apparently easing a time theme.

Although the Pokemon generation''s Scarlet and Violet titles seem to include an old Spanish flag, any further meaning was not initially clear. Now that the gameplay reveal trailer has introduced the two professors and box legendaries, a second meaning for these colors has been revealed. Scarlet''s Professor Sada is named similar to the Spanish word for past, and Violet''s Professor Turo is also interested in wearing a refined bodysuit. Both are dressed similarly, with Koraidon appearing as a feathered raptor, while Violet

At the moment, everyone in the Pokemon game must be happy with it. Game Freak has been limited to offering update on these particular Pokemon titles, and even their basic gym progression is unknown. The only other thing to glean from the legendaries is that both vehicles are similar to those seen in the trailer. However, there are still some limitations to the game.

Scarlet and Violet''s Exploration Could Be Combined With Time Travel

The game''s story may be influenced by the distant past and the long-term future. However, a villainous team attempting to invent time travel for personal gain might easily slot into a Pokemon title. This could turn out to be a misdirect, but writing and developing a game to accommodate traveling to either the present or the future would be a task. Obviously, making the past, present, and future versions of a given area would require a lot more work than previous themes of land versus death.

With two or three versions of the whole open map, the effect of summoning time bubbles would be much more effective for gameplay and story setpieces, although players may also use alternate periods to solve environmental puzzles that would otherwise leave them stuck in their tracks. For example, the various man-made and urban-associated Pokemon might be more common in the future, as a result of the increased number of new frozen bridges. Every area might be as much fun as possible.

Battling may make use of past and future Pokemon versions.

The first dive into the new battle mechanic has brought the discussion back to normal. Players have discussed this before, including how an additional Type might be applied to Pokemon during battles. However, some experts have suggested that something new like a Sound Type might be added to the Pokemon''s typing, or that an additional Type might be applied to the Pokemon in different ways.

While Koraidon is a solitary hunting animal, Miraidon has been transformed into a cyborg for societal use. However, this would still have some crossover with Mega Evolution, but the strategic impact might be enormous. Depending on the size of the game, battles in them might include regular Trick Room status or the turn order from Pokemon Legends. Depending on whether or not, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might go with time travel in several directions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.