The Hardest Achievements to Unlock in Dark Souls

The Hardest Achievements to Unlock in Dark Souls ...

Dark Souls has the reputation of being one of the most challenging games of modern times, and for good reason. It is a gauntlet of powerful enemies and deadly traps, and it''s no surprise that its achievement list is equally challenging.

Dark Souls is packed with ultra-tough achievements that require players to spend a lot of time in the game if they wish to complete it. Elden Ring''s popularity may see new players check out FromSoftware''s Dark Souls and its sequels for the first time, and therefore they may want to know what they''re getting themselves into if they set out to achieve 100% completion.

According to Xbox statistics, here are five of the most powerful Dark Souls achievements.

Magic Weapon - 3.95% Unlock Rate

Players will need to obtain the best weapon from scratch, including nine Titanite Shards, eight Green Titanite Shards, and one Blue Titanite Slab. The players will also need to transfer the large Magic Ember to Rickert of Vinheim, who is located in the dangerous New Londo Ruins. However, it will still be a challenge.

Players must make their way through The Duke''s Archives, which is one of the most notoriously dangerous areas in all of Dark Souls. After that, they must reach and defeat Seath the Scaleless. When that''s done, they then have to return to a space that they otherwise would not have a reason to ever return to. This is the case for the Large Magic Ember. Again, it''s no surprise that all of the crafting materials is not needed. Note the Blue Titanite Slab

The Blue Titanite Slabs are extremely rare crafting materials in Dark Souls. One can be found in the Royal Woods, an area only accessible to players with access to the Abyss DLC areas, which requires a substantial time investment in and of itself. For some players, it may be easier to simply get the Magic Weapon achievement in New Game+ if the bridge becomes invisible. It may also be easier to kill a million Moonlight Butterflies and praying that a Blue Titanite Slab drops from those

Bond of a Pyromancer - 3.91% Unlock Rate

Players in Dark Souls must get all of the pyromancies in the game. There are 19 pyromancies to collect, many of whom are purchasable from Laurentius, who is relatively easy to find and eventually relocates to Firelink Shrine. However, some pyromancies must be purchased from merchants whose interactions aren''t quite as straightforward, such as Quelana of Izalith.

Quelana will appear at Blighttown''s bottom level, but only after certain conditions have been fulfilled. Basically, players in Dark Souls must upgrade their Pyromancy Flame to +10, although some have claimed that having a co-op partner with these requirements has made her spawn also. Regardless, Quelana will sell some exclusive pyromancies, so players will have to meet these requirements and talk to her.

Players from Dark Souls will also need to join the Daughter of Chaos Covenant and give up valuable Humanity to rank up and gain two additional pyromancies. They will also have to purchase the Toxic Mist pyromancy from Eingyi, though this only becomes an option after one is purposefully infected with an egg parasite.

Prayer of a Maiden - 2.95% Unlock Rate

Players in Dark Souls must get all of the magic necessary for getting the achievement. A couple of Dark Souls miracles is limited to the Darkmoon Blade covenant, which is completely impossible if players have already killed Gravelord Nito. Another alternative is to give out ten Souvenir of Reprisal items to the Darkmoon Blade covenant, which at this point will likely require players to kill the crow-like enemies in Aramis a hundred times.

Knight''''s Honor - 2.60% Unlock Rate

The highest unlock rate for Dark Souls is still the hardest achievement to unlock, thanks to the fact that some of the players'' armor and weapons must be designed with the souls of defeated Dark Souls bosses. However, some of the equipment must be purchased by players without starting a new Game+ run. They then have to advance far enough to reach the appropriate blacksmiths.

Players will be granted access to the Darkwraith Covenant, which is difficult to find if they don''t have a guide. Basically, Dark Souls players must ignore Frampt at Firelink Shrine after getting the Lordvessel, but then proceed to The Abyss. After defeating the Four Kings in The Abyss, players will be denied access to the Covenant and will be awarded the Dark Hand weapon for their efforts.

To complicate matters further, players also must obtain weapons that are only obtainable by cutting the tails off certain bosses. Some of these are fairly straightforward to do, and it''s likely that players from Dark Souls will survive on them by accident. However, there are occasions when this can be tricky, especially when it comes to the boss''s fight against Seath the Scaleless, because it may be extremely difficult to get behind Seath before they cut the tail off, so it''s really no surprise that Knight''s Honor

Because of this, players must obtain weapons that differ from individual enemies, and there is one particular character that is extremely rare: the Channeler''s Trident. However, there aren''t any convenient bonfires for this, and the drop rate is very low. However, the Channeler''s enemies are typically situated in dangerous areas where players may die without noticing any worry. It will take a lot of luck and many Homeward Bones and an extension the Knight''s Honor achievement.

The Dark Soul - 2.42% Unlock Rate

The Dark Soul achievement is for a simple reason. It''s an honor that players get for discovering all of the rare items and spells in the game. This involves testing materials to achieve one weapon type, discovering the different covenants, and so on. It''s no easy feat, and it''s a significant time investment.

Dark Souls Remastered is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.