During its time in charge of the Genshin impact player, a player died of two blunt strikes

During its time in charge of the Genshin impact player, a player died of two blunt strikes ...

Genshin Impact has an enormous world named Teyvat, in which many horrifying enemies await their adventures with the Traveler. While some monsters can drop several precious materials that are used for ascending a character, others are often a simple source of food.

In Genshin Impact, wildlife is a NPC type that functions similarly to every other enemy. An interesting video shows that a Forest Boar may be as dangerous as any other monster.

The Redditor was escorting a balloon as part of a common Genshin Impact commission but the low-HP Xiao was retaliated in the air and was shot.

After he was revived, the player rushed to the second obstacle which prompted another boar who completed the popular Yaksha. The video was watched over 3.5k upvotes, and a couple of comments claim that the funny part about the whole sequence is that otherwise the Genshin Impact event "Boared to Death" would''ve been displayed.

Teyvat is probably the only location in which the Conqueror of Demons can be slain by a simple boar, according to some fans. Even though the Zhongli in his team composition can equip him with one of the strongest shields in the Genshin Impact, some experts say it''s frustrating to watch the player recklessly use Xiao with low HP.

Xiao is an Anemo polearm user and one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact at the moment. As a Yaksha, he was once part of the five legendary warriors who fought to keep justice over Teyvat following the Archon War. The game describes them as creatures terrifying in appearance and violent in nature, ready to kill anything on their path. In the second part of update 2.7, Xiao has revealed additional information about the other four Yaks

Genshin Impact is available on mobile, desktop, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in the works.