Vaporeon's Origami Figure is created by a Pokemon fan

Vaporeon's Origami Figure is created by a Pokemon fan ...

Pokemon fans are constantly making headlines for their fan art in a wide range of styles, demonstrating just how artistically talented the massive fandom is. This happens to be the case once more, with one Pokemon fan sculpting an impressive origami sculpture modeled after Vaporeon.

Vaporeon is the Water-type development for fan-favorite Eevee since the first generation of Pokemon, most often when Eevee is given a Water Stone to hold. The Pokemon is one of the most popular Eeveelutions, with Vaporeon becoming the Japanese ambassador for Water Day last year.

The impressive folded paper artistic creation comes from established Pokemon origami artist u/ino87origami. The talented artist and Pokemon fan appears to have included all of the major characteristics that are unique to Vaporeon, including its tail-fin, its neck frill, and its head fins. Despite the appearance, the origami Vaporeon is quite admirable. Many Pokemon fans are satisfied with the video, as the post has received thousands of compliments.

The Vaporeon origami figure requires more effort and effort, but it might not be as substantial as the fan who spent 30 hours creating a highly detailed Vaporeon doll. The fan posted a brief minute-long video of their creation process, showing the artwork starting out as a bunch of outline on material and an articulating skeleton, and then made into a realistic version of the Water-type.

The Vaporeon origami figure isn''t the first Pokemon origami creation from u/ino87origami, as the artist has created quite a few different creatures in recent months. One of their other recent artistic endeavors is an aluminum/psychic-type Metagross, who even uses the same paper colors to make both origami figures. There are also some interesting features to see that the paper art is so impressive that it can be seen in a notebook mode.

Vaporeon is one of the original Eeveelutions, but it is only one of eight possible evolved forms. Eevee has not seen a new type since Sylveon, and fans are hoping for a new type sooner than later. With no word from Game Freak on a new type coming with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans are designing their own Eeveelutions, demonstrating how popular the original Pokemon character still is.