Platform Games' 9 Best Anime

Platform Games' 9 Best Anime ...

Platformers are perhaps the most famous gaming game. Shooter heroes like Master Chief or Doomguy might include their fans, alongside fighting game figures like Ryu or Terry Bogard. Yet they only have a little of fame in comparison to Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog.

Those two had the opportunity to withdraw from the video game console and appear everywhere. Cereal boxes, lunchboxes, The Simpsons, movies, and television shows. They even made it into anime, but they werent the only ones to do that. Here are ten platform game heroes who made it into anime.

9 Sonic The Hedgehog

ADV Films combined two Sonic OVA episodes to create a solid film instead of a tragedy. It was released to coincide with Sonic Adventure 1''s US release in 1999, despite originally being made in 1996.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles make a great debut in the style of Sonic CDs, but the final battle between Sonic and Metal Sonic becomes quite fun. But, the dialogue can be clunky.

8 Sonic X

Why should you stick with an OVA when there is a 3-season anime? Sonic X reached 4Kids, Jetix, and a slew of other channels. As Sonic and his friends emerge from their world into the real world, it even managed to adapt large chunks of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

The show had its ups, but it also had some big downs, mostly with its original characters like Chris Thorndyke. Today, it mostly remembered for introducing Mike Pollock as Dr Eggman, a role hes still playing in the games till today. Also, Sonic''s habit of breaking into English in the original Japanese dub is kind of funny. Particularly when he used swear words.

7 Popful Mail

Popful Mail was a cult classic RPG/Platformer crossover that made it to the West via the Sega CD. It was one of the few reasons to bother with the Genesis misigned add-on. It was also to be released as a Sonic tie-in called Sister Sonic, with Mail becoming a female hedgehog. That''s not going to happen in the works. Or, as the story goes anyway.

It was intended as a whole-on anime show or movie, but it wasn''t without trying. Back in 1994, Studio Fantasia had a 5-minute pitch to get an OVA funded. Unfortunately, the pilot didn''t take flight, but it''s a great look at what might''ve been.

6 Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

In Japan, Hoshi no Kirby (Kirby of the Stars) is a simple show. When King Dedede acts up, he helps his more verbal pals Tiff and Tuff. Like when he went into Wispy Woods with a chainsaw because he wanted to build a golf course.

The show reached the West through 4Kids, who made their usual weird editing techniques. Like removing all text from the front covers of books. One disturbing episode, Shell Shocked, even became lost media for a while because it was only broadcast once, then never again. The jokes about King Dededes snail friend Escargoon being stripped of his shell were a little too racy for them.

Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Daisakusen: 5 Super Mario Bros!

The Mario Bros have been adapted more often by Westerners than the Japanese, but they did defeat everyone else to the point with this 1986 anime. At 61 minutes, it is technically not really feature-length.

Mario and Luigi must rescue Princess Peach from King Koopa (Bowser) but the plot differs. Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom first learned from Marios Famicom, making it one of the most famous isekai anime. They also work as grocery store clerks instead of plumbers, and some scenes suggest they are Mexican.

The Day Of (Sigma): 4 Megaman Maverick Hunter X

The only Megamen to get a full-on series were the Game Boy Advance games. Fortunately, Xebec Studio developed a 26-minute OVA called The Day of, which explained how Sigma went from a fellow Hunter to the series'' main villain.

It was okay for what it was, but spiced up what was already a good reason for Mega-fans to get a PSP. Even if Sigma''s moral change contradicted how he turned evil in the other X games, Sigma''s steady backs, and almost everything in X6, it wouldn''t be the biggest plot hole that fans had to swallow.

3 Saru Getchu -On Air-

Ape Escape got an anime that ran for 77 episodes across two seasons. A monkey called Kuuta is caught by aliens called Pipotrons, who had a special helmet on his head to give him extra intelligence. As a result, he converts his name to Specter and causes panic among individuals in the world.

With a variety of gadgets provided by the Professor, Kakeru and his friends Hiroki and Kuutas owner Natsumi catch all those escaped apes. They even receive help from Charu, a virtual girl, and Haruka, a mech genius, as they foil Specters plans. It sure sounds like an Ape Escape story, though its quality didn''t end up matching that of Day of. Nonetheless, it is a good find for eager Ape Escape fans

2 Viewtiful Joe

Group TAC developed the first game into a 51-episode anime that broadcast across 2004 and 2005. Joe and Silvia go to see a Captain Blue film, only for one of the evil Jadow forces to reach out and pull Silvia into the film. Joe gives chases and, under the tutelage of Captain Blue himself, becomes Viewtiful enough to fight the Jadow.

26 of those 51 episodes were dubbed and shown on Kids WB. Critics and viewers applauded it for being faithful to the games, but they weren''t too pleased with the footage. Joe gets a lot of hip lingo to be down with the children, so he comes off like someone''s try-hard dad. It''s fitting for a guy who transforms by saying ''Henshin-a-Go, Baby!'', but viewers will still have to brace themselves for the

1 Castlevania

Castlevania is a Western anime. Yes, one staffed with many people who previously worked on anime in Japan. The producers wanted the show to resemble the concept art done by Konamis Ayami Kojima and follow in the spirit of a dark fantasy manga like Berserk. It''s just about to count.

The first installment of Castlevania III is based on Draculas Curse on the NES, which played more like a platformer than the Metroidvania style later games would adopt. It''s a fairly popular adaptation, as well as one of Netflix''s few remaining highlights. Castlevania is a must-see feature for its drama, action, and sweary banter. Especially when it''s got a sequel series on the way.