How To Get The Best Ending In Omori

How To Get The Best Ending In Omori ...

OMORI is a game changer with a wide range of possibilities for the player to choose from, including ones that seem deceptively simple. One option can lead to several options, including options that might impact the game''s ending before the game''s final outcome.

With so many decisions to make, and with players perhaps not even acknowledging that their choices have a huge impact, it may be difficult to figure out what to do to get a specific end or to discover all of the games'' lessons. While many players want to know precisely what the best ending is.

Follow the tips provided in this article to achieve the Good Ending on the Sunny Route as well as the hidden Secret Ending! (Though this article will contain spoilers, the details of each route will not be spoiled).

How To Achieve OMORI''s Good Ending (Sunny Route)

The Good Ending, which is also known as the True Ending in the game data of OMORI, can only be accessed via the Sunny Route of the game. When Kel knocks, it is simple to get onto the Sunny Route and open the door every day, making him aware of it as the standard route, so it shouldn''t be too difficult to access!

Many of the games endings on the Sunny Route will also be accessible to the player. The route will culminate in the player battling Basil while inside Basil''s house. The player will fall unconscious and must then fight Omori while in the White Space. This fight against Omori is unimaginable, and the player will always lose.

While on the Sunny Route, the player must choose to continue following Omori. Certain options the player may choose will change, and the game will play out, allowing him to win for the first time. This will also enable players to earn a One more day achievement.

How To Achieve OMORI''''s Secret Ending

The Secret Ending in OMORI is a hidden ending that the player can only access after finishing the Good Ending, as it includes a cutscene that will only play out before the Good Ending cutscene arrives. While it may be a bit difficult to understand how to access it at first, it is quite simple to achieve.

The player must ensure to water Basils flowers every day while in Headspace. Watering can be found after the second time the player finds themselves in Headspace; use it on wilting flowers to water them. This will also enable players to achieve the Green Thumb goal.

OMORI is currently available on PC, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.