Why is This a Couple of Cuckoos Episode 8 Review so Strict?

Why is This a Couple of Cuckoos Episode 8 Review so Strict? ...

The following is a list of spoilers for Episode 8 of A Couple of Cuckoos, "Are you planning to marry him?" which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Seven episodes are in, and A Couple of Cuckoos has successfully delivered its audience through a series of unexpected roller coasters. Both in terms of story, and the overall performance of the episodes. Both the good and the bad ones seem to be alternating in a linear manner.

Considering that episode 8 would be quite different, the hype was at an all-time high, and everybody was eager to see the next episode. Eventually, episode 7 was heavily suppressed, allowing for a much more dramatic ending. So will episode 8 continue this trend?

Previously on A Couple of Cuckoos

Nagi gets the chance to join the same group as Hiro and Erika with their classmate, Shion. Shion tells Erika that he is her greatest fan, so Erika decided to use this opportunity to allow Nagi and Hiro to spend some time together.

Nagi isn''t concentrating on Hiro at all. Erika and Shion''s attention was always appreciated by Hiro immediately. He also informed him that he didn''t have to spend the day with her if he didn''t want to.

Nagi failed to say anything back to her, so they decided to travel on the same plane and spend some time alone before returning to the group. Erika accidentally met him on the beach, and she admitted that she is actually looking for someone, but he cannot tell him who she is, because it will forever change his fate.

Are You Going To Marry Him?

Episode 7 was rather dramatic, and episode 8 pridely carry the baton from its predecessor. However, this episode focuses on the relationship between Erika, Erika, and Sachi, the third harem candidate.

Sachi and her parents currently live in a small apartment because their house is still under renovation. After a quick visit to Nagi and Erika''s house, she decided to leave her parents place and live with Nagi and Erika. However, Nagi is dying to know who Erika refers to in the previous episode.

Erika accepts it, but Nagi is furious. However, he discovers that one of the reasons why Sachi wants to live with them is because she wants to spend more time with her brother. She feels like Erika will take her brother away, and theres nothing she can do about it. So, now, she decided to be brave and ask them to stay in the house.

Unsatisfying Resolution

In this episode, there are two main problems, or conflicts. The first one, which is also the main conflict, is about Sachi going into Nagi''s house and Nagi, who is going to know exactly who Erika is doing this time.

Unlike all episodes of episode 8, we must say that conflicts do not receive their own resolution. But both of them are painfully unsatisfactory. Nearly all of episode 8 is focused on building up tension, and everything is resolved in about five minutes. Well, it is basically what it is, right? Good setup, but terrible punchlines.

Why So Serious?

What makes Season 6 different from the rest is its powerful ability to balance the comedy while still developing the characters and moving the story forward. After all, humor is always a major component of what makes A Couple of Cuckoos so appealing.

In episode 7, they decided to do something more dramatic. Sure, the story does get more complicated, but the absence of humor creates a huge gaping hole that cannot be resolved by simply throwing more drama into the mix. Comedy is also a part of the identity of A Couple of Cuckoos, so we can hope this will happen later.

This is an okay episode for A Couple of Cuckoos. Once again, its not that bad, but it''s not good either. It feels like the series is trying to be more serious and confronting other characters in order to help the reader understand their issues.

They balance conflict and resolution, as well as humor and drama. The tension of the conflict has a long build-up, but the resolution is lightning fast. There is little to no trace of the humor left. Hopefully, the next episode will have a more balanced one.