The expansion of Pokemon TCG's Sword & Shield: Lost Origin is on the way this September

The expansion of Pokemon TCG's Sword & Shield: Lost Origin is on the way this September ...

This September, the Pokemon TCG will begin its own expansion that is anticipated to be the game''s final expansion.

Sword & Shield: Lost Origin follows Pokemon Legends: Arceus''s development, revealing further details of the regional variants it started introducing in the recent Astral Radiance.

According to the Pokemon Company, Giratina VSTAR will be injected into the Lost Zone''s abyssal shadow. Along with other VSTAR Pokemon (introduced in Brilliant Stars), we will also acquire more astral radiations radiant Pokemon, as well as the V and VMAX cards that have shaped the Sword & Shield era.

Magnezone, Drapion, Kyurem VMAX, and Radiant Gardevoire have all been involved in the set. Although this expansion will be established in the Lost Zone rather than Hisui, we will be getting more Pokemon from the region, such as Enamorus V, Hisuian Goodra, and Hisuian Zoroark.

The Lost Zone is effectively Magic: The Gatherings exile, a zone where cards are completely removed from the game rather than being shipped to a discard pile (or graveyard, as it is called in Magic).

However, there are cards that play with the Lost Zone in different ways, rather than being where cards go to sit and become completely useless. For example, Sun & Moon: Cosmic Eclipses Whimsicott has the Attack on the Lost March, which causes you additional damage for every Pokemon you have in the Lost Zone.

The ongoing Trainer Gallery will include three new Radiant Pokemon, six new VSTAR cards, 14 Pokemon V, one VMAX, and thirty new cards. This year, Sword & Shield: Lost Origin will feature famous trainers alongside their signature Pokemon.

Curiously, this expansion is beginning later than normal and will not be available until September 9, 2022. This is due to the upcoming arrival of the ninth generation with Pokemon Scarlet & Violets, and the base set of the TCG was prepared to follow it in November. It also suggests that Lost Origin might be the final release we see in the Sword & Shield era.

On September 9, 2022, Sword & Shield: Lost Origin will launch in booster packs, booster boxes, Elite Trainer boxes, and new six-booster bundles.