Jennifer's Body Is The Glorious Lesbian Trash We Deserved Of Pride Month

Jennifer's Body Is The Glorious Lesbian Trash We Deserved Of Pride Month ...

This article is part of Pride Month Picks, a collection of pieces that aims to highlight queer representation throughout games, television, films, and other events throughout June.

For Pride Month, there are so many gay movies I might write about. Call Me by Your Name is a great film I have ever seen, as Ammonite has a deep and moving melancholy, Moonlight is still underrated despite its highly memorable Oscar victory, and more people need to see The Handmaiden. Instead I''m talking about Jennifers Body, because I love my trash.

I am certain that I am a filmmaker but I will never see the whole AFI 100 list before I die. I intend to see every 1,001 films you must see before you die, from different cultures, and countries. Objectively, I know Jennifers Body is something of a footnote in the cinematic canon. Since I was 14, I remember seeing a movie as well.

Yes, it''s a fairly silly dark comedy about a lesbian vampire monster, but it''s not written or depicted as something silly. It''s incredibly aware of what it is, yet also understands what people want it to be. The queerness at its core is not the butt of the joke, but it''s keeping it going.

Both Jennifers Body and Life is Strange are stories of female connection, both with a nerdy, awkward girl, and a more free-spirited friend. Both represent the first time I saw a story, whether in film or in gaming, and connected on a more meaningful level than liking the story or the characters. I do not eat boys and cannot reverse time, but I saw something of a reflection in their stories.

Diablo Coady''s work on Jennifers Body, who worked as a stripper at a fetish club, was unintentional, but she always was more sex-positive and female-forward than most actors in Hollywood. The rest of her back catalogue shows the same values as Jennifers Body. There''s a difference here: JB takes those ideals and makes them gay.

It has been a pleasure to see Jennifers Body transform into a hit theater due to bad advertising. Adding to the fact that horror movies are also difficult to market, and that the Coady brand of writing cant always be properly sliced into a trailer, and the movie was always up against it. Trailers made it look far more salacious than it was, fetishising the kiss between Jennifer and Needy, presenting the film as completely different to what it was.

The trailers seemed to only know how to promote the movie to men, so it was that Movie Where Megan Fox Frenches Another Chick. People who saw it were disappointed that Fox was a rounded character with a distinct appearance, and those who otherwise thought it was.

Despite the fact that some original doubts remain, perhaps it''s the benefit that can come from this homosexual assault, if it can convince any remaining doubters to finally watch Jennifers Body.