Hong Kong's Shadowrun: The Best Duncan Build

Hong Kong's Shadowrun: The Best Duncan Build ...

In a world filled with high-tech Drones and magic spells, sometimes the humble pistol is all you need to prepare for a difficult, hostile encounter. Duncan Wu is the author of Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Duncan is this game''s best marksman - barring yourself if you want to improve your player character that way. He''s pretty handy in most fights. He can reliably punch through Armor, survive a hail of bullets, and support his friends with grenade coverage. His abilities only serve to improve his performance - here''s what he has access to.

Duncan''''s Best Skills

Duncan, as well as the other Hong Kong characters, will gain a level every time you complete two shadowruns, whether it be taken along or not. When this happens, you get to choose between two upgrades for him.

Duncan''s abilities are divided between Lethal Force and Crowd Control. The second focuses on finalizing one goal, while the second provides assistance in allowing yourself to breathe in a heated encounter.

Upgrade Lethal Force Crowd Control
1 Firepower Round: Assault Rifle ability that deals an additional 2 DMG and pierces 2 Armor. Costs 1 AP and has a 2-turn CD. Underslung Bean Bag: Rifle ability that does 2 AP damage and unbalances the target. Cannot do critical damage. Costs 1 AP and has a 2-turn CD.
2 Mercy Kill: Assault Rifle ability that has a 99% chance of hitting a target with less than 25% HP remaining. Also deals an additional 2 DMG. Has a 2-turn CD. Can only target those weak targets. Subdue: Duncan''''s usual Subdue ability has its CD reduced by 1 turn.
3 Nail Grenade: Duncan now takes a grenade on missions that deals 12 DMG with ongoing damage that lasts 2 turns. It also strips 1 Armor. Modded Flashbang: Duncan now takes a flashbang on missions that has a larger area of effect than normal flashbangs.
4 Recoil Compensation: Duncan''''s version of Full Auto Fire no longer comes with a penalty to accuracy. Shock Baton: Duncan now takes a Shock Baton on missions. It deals a low amount of damage but does deal 2 AP damage per hit.
5 Shiawase Magnet Arm: Duncan gets a magnetic arm that allows him to throw incoming grenades back at the thrower. Gas Grenade: Duncan now takes a grenade on missions that deals low damage but creates a cloud of gas that deals ongoing AP damage.

Duncan''s two skill trees may be considered offensive or supportive, according to the author. As is a running theme with the Hong Kong companions (as opposed to the Dragonfall companions), it''s not a bad idea to make Duncan a hybrid character, enhancing both sides of his role in the conflict.

This design incorporates Underslung Bean Bag, Mercy Kill, Modded Flashbang, Recoil Compensation, and Shiawase Magnet Arm.

Duncan has the best of both worlds with these abilities. Firstly, with Underslung Bean Bag and Modded Flashbang, he has the option of eliminating enemies from the cover and imposing them on them, posing tough kills for the rest of your team.

If you don''t think you''ll end up with much Armor stripping on your team (which shouldn''t be used if you build Is0bel correctly), getting Firepower Round isn''t a bad idea.

Mercy Kill is situational but absolutely fantastic when you can make it work - one of the most frustrating experiences in this game is missing against very low-HP foes, and this assuages that. Recoil Compensation alleviates the same depreciation and creates Full Auto Fire into a horrifying attack for Duncan.

When it comes to the final upgrade, there is no competition. Being able to turn enemies'' grenades back on themselves is almost overpowered in its value, both offensive and defensively.