Xander of Home and Away will discover the shocking truth about a car crash

Xander of Home and Away will discover the shocking truth about a car crash ...

UK viewers follow the lead on Home and Away spoilers.

In new scenes for UK viewers, Xander Delaney from Home and Away will uncover the shocking truth about the recent car crash between Logan Bennett and Millie.

The two were recently involved in a horrific collision, which killed Millie''s friend Jo and Xander later learned from Jasmine that police believed Logan might have been driving, putting him in fine.

Millie, who didn''t initially remember what happened, believed she was responsible for the crash, and attempted to save her life by going into the sea. After being rescued, Xander attempted to reassure her by revealing the information about Logan, dwindling Jasmine''s confidence.

Xander intends to travel to Millie in the near future, although his unprofessional commitment to Jasmine has made him standstill in his belief that Logan is to blame for the crash, despite nothing being confirmed.

Millie''s inclination to pursue Logan has sparked him to reconsider his choices to disclose information, initially believing that it would deduce her of self-punishment rather than lead to a pursuit of him.

As they say goodbye, he confesses his mistake to Jasmine, who is ashamed of his decision to deter her confidence. Millie is discharged before Xander gets a chance to talk to her, and as they say goodbye she realizes her memories are returning.

Millie admits that she read a text on her phone shortly before the crash, suggesting that she had been responsible. As she seeks help, Millie realizes that Jo''s death may have been her fault.

She fears about the consequences of her life, and Xander tells Millie that she has to stop Logan from being wrongly prosecuted.

Xander goes to the police station hoping to receive information, while Rose, who is reprimanded. She suggests a history of overinvestment.

Jasmine has spoken to Rose about her own concerns about Xander and Millie, although she receives a cold reception, advising her that Xander may spend time with the person he wants.

Millie encourages Xander to keep the truth about her culpability secret when she threatens to go to the police. She also discloses that she knows about his his history of harassment and will use that against him if he visits the police.

Millie may wrongly go to jail, according to Xander, but Millie insists she must live with the knowledge that her friend died because of her.

On Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR, Home and Away airs weekdays. First-look screens air at 6.30pm on 5STAR, while the show also streames on My5.

On Channel 7 in Australia, the show airs Mondays to Thursdays and airs on 7plus.

In the United Kingdom, select classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video.

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