Martin Hancock, who plays Spider on Coronation Street, talks about his nerves about Spider's return

Martin Hancock, who plays Spider on Coronation Street, talks about his nerves about Spider's return ...

Despoters for Coronation Street follow.

Martin Hancock, who plays Spider Nugent on Returning Coronation Street, has revealed his return, admitting to having extreme nerves.

After 19 years of acting, the actor is expected to re-enter the cobbles next week, with his reappearance coming as Toyah Battersby''s ex-girlfriend faces difficulties.

Martin spoke to Digital Spy and other media about the return and said the film was "really exciting and a bit scary. It''s lovely, I''m really happy."

The actor admitted that he always wanted to come back, recalling that if asked, I would come back. I''ve gone and done other things. You''d be amazed at the places Corrie touches in the world.

"Towards Christmas last year Georgia put up a photo of us when we were very young, a Toyah and Spider photo of us arm in leg when we were very young. It went into a few papers and my mother in law rang up and said, "Ere duck, you''re in papers!"

"So I got a little bit of trouble, but my wife said you''ve always said you''d go back, but you''re not getting any younger," he said. "So I had a word with my agent who had a letter with Corrie, and there was a bit of toing and froing, and here I am."

Martin admits to saying that stepping back into the role was very, very challenging and challenging but do you know what? Part of me is Spider, obviously. So I''ve always carried a bit of that militancy with him, but not to the same extent as he has. I''m Spider-lite. In that aspect it''s quite straightforward to step back in, but at the same time it''s a bit odd.

"It''s funny that, going through the years when there''s a eco story in the papers or something in the world that''s the kind of thing Spider would be interested in, it makes me revert back to Spider and wonder how he would react. I like to believe that Spider is my better self."

The actor reveals that he was "extremely anxious" ahead of his filming.

"My first day back before we started filming I went in for an orientation because it''s a new studio from the one I was at, and the first person I bumped up was one of the first ADs I ever encountered, which was Dale," he said.

"That was fantastic, and the first members of the cast I saw were Georgia and Jane and that was like yeah get in. "It was like a huge warm blanket of love thrown over me, it was incredible."

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