In Babak Anvari's Netflix Thriller, 'I Came By' Images highlight the class war

In Babak Anvari's Netflix Thriller, 'I Came By' Images highlight the class war ...

The cast in Babak Anvaris I Came By has arrived on Twitter for four first-look pictures, including Hugh Bonneville, George MacKay, Percelle Ascott, and Kelly MacDonald. Alongside the director, Anvari also directed and wrote the films screenplay for Wounds and Under the Shadow (which earned him the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British writer, or producer). We know that the horror that will unfold in I Came By will keep us on the edge of

The feature focuses on a distant yet current British graffiti artist (MacKay), who loves to add an additional element of charm to his spray paint escapades by breaking into the houses of the poor (and sometimes famous) whereas those in the lower classes celebrate the artist as a cheeky hero. However, after one break-in (presumably to the property of a Bonneville character) goes awry.

In the first image, we see our wealthy and powerful antagonist (Bonneville) dressed to the nines and speaking with a police officer, presumably about something related to the spray can caper. In the second image, we see both men dressed as sweaty and worried. Both men seem to be wearing all-black outfits and having seen something they cannot unsee.

These photos have been the first official pieces of media from I Came By, so there is still a lot to be speculated on. For the time being, the film''s premiere is only two months away, and a trailer will most likely be on the way sometime soon. For now, check out the rest of the images below and stay tuned at Collider for further updates!