Everyone Should Watch 'First Kill,' and Nine Other Elizabeth Mitchell Projects

Everyone Should Watch 'First Kill,' and Nine Other Elizabeth Mitchell Projects ...

Elizabeth Mitchell has a fantastic resume working at the Dallas Theatre Center and the Encore Theatre, before she began her early tv role in Loving. Mitchell, along with Angelina Jolie, gave her the recognition she needed. But it wasn''t until her portrayals of Carol Newman in Santa Clause 2 and as Juliet Burke in Lost, that audiences appreciated the distinct features of the actress.

Mitchell most recently finished filming First Kill, which is now available on Netflix. If you have just completed the trilogy (like we all have), and haven''t seen Mitchell''s other works yet, it''s the best time to do so now more than ever!

Gia (1998)

Gia Carangi, one of the first supermodels in New York before being promoted as a fashion designer, was influenced by her use of drugs, and then her tragic death after contracting HIV/AIDS.

The movie focuses on Carangis'' modeling career in the late 1970s and how everything eventually ended out of control, but a good part revolves around Gia and make-up artist Lindas'' fascination with the beginning and the successes they experienced. Mitchell has an amazing wealth of experience, giving an incredible performance throughout the film.

ER (1994)

Greys Anatomy was able to run. The series focuses on the lives of emergency room nurses and physicians at Chicagos County General Hospital, their love, their hardships, and everything else in between.

If you go on hospital-related shows, then ER may be the right choice for you. In the seventh season of the series, Mitchell plays psychiatric Kim Legaspi, who goes through quite the ruckus, from getting involved with her friend and colleague, Kerry Weaver, to being accused of sexual misconduct, and then being fired for a false work citation.

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

Scott Calvin has returned to the North Pole after eight years following the Santa Clause and has now moved to the United States. This stint may come to an end if he does not get married before the Christmas Eve, fulfilling the Mrs. Clause that comes with the job. As he returns home to deal with the fact that his teenage son, Charlie, is on the naughty list.

Mitchel takes on the role of Carol Newman, the Charlies high school teacher who has grown to not believe in Christmas magic. As the film unfolds, audiences are shown how Carol and Scott''s relationship is different, whether Scott is capable to cement his status as Santa.

Lost (2004)

Lost followed plane crash survivors as they were forced to work together on a seemingly deserted island with flashbacks and flash-forward scenes. The universe within the realm of Lost is more than meets the eye.

Mitchell does not play one of the survivors of the crashed airplane, but she does become quite involved with the island''s work, starring Juliet Burke, a medical fertility specialist who had been recruited to the Island to deal with fertility problems. And she was sent to the survivors camp as a mole after the plane accident.

V (2009)

After an advanced alien species arrives on Earth, a remake of the 1983 miniseries, V, takes place. They appear to have proven with excellent intentions and peace, but slowly and surely, their true sinister motives are revealed as they become more enrected into society.

Mitchell plays Erica Evans, a top FBI agent for the Counter-terrorism division. When the aliens arrive raising and protecting her son alone, they try to protect humanity as a whole.

Revolution (2012)

The government and public order have collapsed 15 years after the start of a worldwide, permanent power outage. militias in the area have fought out. A group of revolutionary groups trying to flee a tyrannical militia that has been spelled out in the previous United States of America.

Each character in the series is put to the test. Mitchell plays Rachel Matheson, the wife of Ben Matheson, and the mother of Charlie and Danny Matheson. Initially, it was assumed that she had died due to the blackouts, but everyone becomes aware that she was still alive and working under the help of the militia that took over the former United States. It was also later revealed that she and her husband were equally involved with the blackout, as they understood exactly what they were doing.

Crossing Lines (2013)

Season 3 of the series follows the cross-bordering crime syndicate that is temporarily reinstated under strict probation and protests from authorities that question the teams'' existence. Even politically motivated individuals soon realize that if criminals can cross European borders, then there should be a group of law enforcement group allowed to follow them. Human Rights at its worst murder, corruption, terrorism, and blood-borne epidemic are all involved in the crime, while trying to keep their private desire and demons under control.

Mitchell has played Carine Strand, a Swedish immigrant father, on the outside, although she is a kind of open air that drives her every move. She has a sort of intense and intelligent drive that has fueled her every move. She has worked cross-country between the United States and within Europe, achieving a reputation and establishing a role as the Cross Border Unit.

The Purge: Election Year (2016)

The Purge: Anarchy sequel will premiere in 2040, with Charlene Roan, a US senator, promising to finish Purge Night. She must confront the darkness with her former police officer, according to her chief security.

Mitchell refers to Charlene Roan''s role in 2020, when the film screened. Consequently, she is now campaigning to lead the country''s president in order to reach out to its guests once and for all. Throughout the film, it is possible to see the trials that she has put in in the process.

Dead of Summer (2016)

Summertime in the Midwest is a fun summer camp, and for many youngsters, it''s all about having fun and exploring. When the new owner of the then-Camp Stillwater decides to open the grounds, summer takes a great turn the camps dark ancient mythology awakens as the young adults at the camp add horror and death to their list of summer events.

Mitchell, the owner of the former Camp Stillwater, is a bit different throughout the series. Deborah Carpenter was once a camper herself on resuming the magic of summer camp. On the outside, she expresses comfort and welcome, but deep down she admires authority and control for reasons that are much deeper and darker than one would think.

First Kill (2022)

While the other is a vampire, falling in love is a tricky process, especially for Juliette and Calliope, who both are at the age of where they must make their first kill. A real present-day Romeo and Juliet as they both developed feelings for each other despite their family''s displeasure.

Margot, the Matriarch of the Fairmont family, is a strong character in the vampire world, but she is also the keeper of the Emerald Malkia, a serpent that gives power, making them vampire royalty. Margots first and foremost responsibility is to guide her daughter, Juliette, the best she can only desire for her.