In a new image from the 'Wedding Season,' Suraj Sharma and Pallavi Sharda take the hang of dating seriously

In a new image from the 'Wedding Season,' Suraj Sharma and Pallavi Sharda take the hang of dating se ...

The season that starts in late May and ends sometime around the hazy days of September is bringing both romantic hopes and romantic displeasure in healthy doses. No, we''re not talking about summer, but about the wedding season. It''s also time to stress on the couple''s upcoming airplane tickets and that blender, and it''s also time to dispel their marital worries. Now, the streaming company has released a new image to help us prepare for what''s going to be a romance for the

The film "The Wedding Season" portrays Asha and Ravi, two singletons who are under immense pressure to become a spouse. As the marriage season continues, the two agree to pretend to be a couple. However, their disgruntled feelings soon turn very, very real. The images depict the pair in what appears to be a barn wedding, apparently chummy.

Asha and Ravi are dancing almost cheek to cheek on a dance floor, complete with mood lighting. The image shows the two alone in the frame, a rarity for a wedding, but the intimacy of the image suggests that the couple, who came together only from comfort, now has no choice but to face it.

Suraj Sharma, who stars in the film Life of Pi, received his big break in Ang Lee''s epic and heartbreaking film. He also appeared in the comedy-horror sequel film Happy Death Day 2 U. Sharda''s part has worked on several Hindi films in her career. She also appeared in the live-action Tom and Jerry film, which was released last year.

Tom Dey has been based on a screenplay by Shiwani Srivastava. Rizwan Manji, Veena Sood, Afsar, Sean Kleier, and Manoj Sood have joined the cast. The project will take place in Canada.

The Wedding Season will not be released on Netflix until August 04 and 2022. In the following first-look photographs, you can get a brief sneak peek at all of the weddings and romance.