All Neon White Weapons, Listed

All Neon White Weapons, Listed ...

The Believers of heaven provide a bevy of Soul Cards, divine weapons that function like traditional firearms. These weapons aren''t just guns, but they are your main means of journeying, and getting acquainted with them is crucial. Here''s a list of all of Neon Whites'' weapons.

All Neon White Weapons, Listed

Every weapon in Neon White has a primary fire mode that works the same as you expect from their respective Soul Card. Despite that, every weapon has a Discard effect, and a secondary ability you can trigger for special traversal abilities and attacks. Depending on your route, you may find specific weapons in every stage, but it might not hurt to know what you should be expecting.

Whites trusty katana, which has no Discard effect, is always kept in reserve for when you dont have other Soul Cards on hand. It only hits directly in front of you and does not do much damage, therefore it is saved only in emergency situations. You will be left with only Whites fists, which are even more ineffectual.

Elevate, the yellow Soul Card, is similar to a standard semiautomatic pistol. Each squeeze of the trigger allows loose one medium-damage trigger, which will kill basic demons. Elevates Discard effect is an extra jump, allowing both getting a little extra elevation and keeping yourself airborne across short distances.

Purify, the purple Soul Card, acts like an assault rifle. Hold down the trigger to fire off an automatic burst of shots in a more-or-less straight line, mopping up high-level demons pretty quickly. Purify''s Discard effect is a sticky explosive, launching straight in the direction youre looking. Make sure to practice timed Purify bombs to bounce from wall to wall.

Stomp, a green Soul Card, uses the same technique as a submachine gun. Hold down the trigger for an automatic spray of weak, yet quick shots. Stomp has a wide spread, not great for distant targets, but less for closer threats. Stomp''s Discard effect is a stomp attack straight downwards, producing a terrible shockwave upon impact. Stomp is required to smash through red boards, and the shockwave can also trigger explosive barrels to launch you!

Godspeed, the blue Soul Card, functions like a semiautomatic rifle. Every squeeze of the trigger triggers unleashes a powerful, straight shot with a long distance. Godspeed is a powerful and precise tool for preemptively dealing with demons you do not want to see in your way while platforming. A Godspeed dash is also capable of killing any demon you pass through, both with cards and cards.

Fireball, the red Soul Card, is like a shotgun. Cut a trigger to dodge large gaps in shots. It cant reach distant targets for beans, but up close, it can eradicate virtually any demon in one or two shots. Fireballs Discard effect is an explosive launch in whatever direction youre faces. It''s the best parts of Godspeed and Elevate in one package, whether you go up, sideways, or whatever you want, and anything unfortunate enough

Dominion, a light blue Soul Card, acts like a rocket launcher. Secure the trigger to launch an explosive in a straight line that detonates on impact, dissipating most demons instantly. The Discard effect is a grappling hook you can use to get airborne and then swing from wall to wall with the Discard.

The Book of Life, the ultimate weapon in the games'' last mission, is the Book of Life. Each shot from the Book of Life that hits its target will instantly destroy it and immediately launch you to the location where it once was. As long as you have a line of sight, you may shoot them.