Another Bill Skarsgard thriller is introduced in the Barbarian trailer, but he may not be the villain this time

Another Bill Skarsgard thriller is introduced in the Barbarian trailer, but he may not be the villai ...

It''s difficult not to think of Bill Skarsgard, or any member of his iconic acting lineage, as a villain. When he played Pennywise the Clown in the Stephen Kings IT remake, Bill received a decent resume entry. However, as you see in a trailer for the next film, you''ll notice that Skarsgard may not play the villain this time.

The trailer for Zach Creggers'' August theatrical release has been recently released by 20th Century Studios. The main framework includes a Georgina Campbells Barbarian character meeting with Bill Skarsgards at a random rental property. However, these two strangers were a case of double booking, although that doesn''t seem to be the case once the footage takes a dramatic turn.

If only Skarsgards'' recent ripped physique appeared to be present in Barbarian, he might have been able to deal with the erraticness that ensues. There are as many nopes as there are countless lines crossed in the Barbarian first look, and surprisingly, Bill Skarsgard might not be the villain behind it all.

The game is a curveball, as the moment a title card naming this film as being from a computer program, youd think you have his role tied. After all, Bill Skarsgard was retaliated for his role as Pennywise, but he is still in danger as his co-stars. And, as it turns out, Justin Long is also included in the mix.

As it turns out, there are as many nopes crossed in the Barbarians first look, and surprisingly, Skarsgard might not be the villain behind it all. It''s a curveball for sure, as the moment a title card touting this film as being a computer scientist shows itself, you''d think you have his role put in jeopardy. Bill Skarsgard, who also includes Justin Long in the mix, looks to be in just as little danger as his co-stars

What''s even more uplifting about Barbarian is that its writer/director is best known for his work in The Whitest Kids You Know, and the 2009 comedy Miss March. Barbarian looks like another case of comedic talent effectively crossing over into more gruesome situations, with Zach Cregger dropping a very sinister looking film.

Well, your advice on what''s going on in Barbarian is as appropriate as mine. It appears like a looping experiment or regimented process is going on in the secretive underground spaces on display. I don''t want to imply "oppressive apocalyptic breeding bunker," but the disturbing signs appear to be moving that way quite a bit.

The rage on Justin Long''s faces, Georgina Campbell, and especially Bill Skarsgard seem to suggest that all three of these potential participants are equally caught off guard/horrified by their reality. In the following voice-over, all three clues to the Barbarians evil plot are provided.

This process might seem overwhelming. However, with some research, it may soon become a pleasurable experience. This is just natural.

Yes, this does not look natural, and neither does Barbarian seem to desire to convey a pleasurable experience to their characters. On the other hand, the audience might be in for the twist-filled nightmare of their lives. When Barbarian opens on August 31st, please find out.

If this episode of ripped Skarsgards and barbarians has you looking for a thrill, then The Northman, which is currently available for rent and purchase, as well as streaming to all Peacock Premium subscribers.