Stranger Things Isn't Netflix's Most Popular TV Show For The First Time In Weeks

Stranger Things Isn't Netflix's Most Popular TV Show For The First Time In Weeks ...

Although the first season of Squid Games has been the most watched TV show winner on Netflix, and it has evolved into a global phenomenon since its release, the first batch of Season 4 episodes quickly took over the daily Top 10 list upon the May 27 premiere, and the show has maintained its lead even though it has been dominated by another group of oddballs.

On Thursday, June 23, the streaming service officially took over as the most popular series on the platform. What happens to the Wheelers and Byers family members, amirite? (Although that said, Priah Fergusons Erica Sinclair would certainly be formidable enough to pose a threat.)

The Umbrella Academys'' third season on Netflix has yet to reveal actual viewership statistics, but one can imagine it will be almost double the previous week, boosted by the fact that the throwback thrillers were larger than the usual runtimes for an hour-long series.

Although the timeline-jumping, alt-universe-destroying heroes within The Umbrella Academy were watched for over 100 million hours, the first weekly total of Stranger Things surpassed 106 million (for the week of June 13-19) I don''t anticipate the new seasons audience experiencing any nosedives in the near future. After all, nobody can truly deny the power of a Footloose dance-along and Stephen King easter eggs.

Both the Umbrella Academys first two seasons and the first three Stranger Things seasons re-entered both the daily and weekly Top 10 lists as viewers rewatched in order to catch up ahead of the new episodes. (Beyond, for instance, rewatching in general.) That suggests that the need for more Upside-Down horrors in the minds of Netflix subscribers was not quite as large as the current Top 10 list.

The Umbrella Academy will hold on to that top slot for the majority of the time between Season 3''s arrival and the anticipated Season 4 premiere of Stranger Things, which will hopefully answer all of our biggest questions during their expansive runtimes. Considering Netflix hasnt specifically marked the first seven episodes as Part 1 within its huge Top 10 charts, it can be assumed that the platform will count the remaining two installments in with the rest of Season 4, giving the show a lot more of a chance at topping Squid Game once and

For the time being, be sure to see the enticing heroes of The Umbrella Academy attempting to survive a kugelblitz (unter and other things), as all three seasons are now available on Netflix.