5 Times Lightyear Reminded Me Of Captain America from The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Along With Chris Evans Starring

5 Times Lightyear Reminded Me Of Captain America from The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Along With Chri ...

SPOILERS are ahead of Lightyear, which is now playing in theaters.

While watching Lightyear, the beloved animated character go from the Tim Allens comedic toy that wasn''t aware of him to be a child''s plaything, to Chris Evans'' full-blown action hero version for the new spinoff. However, during the film, Evans spent a decade as Captain America, making comparisons between him and himself for the next role he plays. But, while viewing Lightyear, a lot of the film''s elements reminded me of the big-screen Steve Rogers we know and

As Lightyear prepares things up from the start, the concept of the next release is the 1995 film that Andy witnessed as a kid that encouraged him to turn his entire room Buzz Lightyear-themed effectively leading to Woodys jealousy. With that in mind, Chris Evans Buzz Lightyear is a much different from the Tim Allen version, but is certainly very similar to Captain America. Here''s why:

Both Buzz And Cap Have Slowed Aging

In 2011, the MCU introduced Captain America to the big screen with a Chris Evans portrayal. After World War II, Steve Rogers memorably crashes into the Arctic on the job and wakes up in the 21st century still looking as strapping as he did nearly 70 years prior. He becomes a man lost in time.

Lightyear is about a man who was lost in time as the film progresses. As it begins, he is on a mission to analyze hyperspace fuel to assist those who have been thrown off and tested the fuel for repairs and leave the alien planet. Nevertheless, every time he blasts off and tests the fuel, he returns to the planet looking as young as everyone around him four years older. These are various situations, but both live out a similar journey without them as they hold on to their heroic duties.

While on the job, Buzz and Cap outlive their partners.

Another similarity between Lightyear and Captain Americas MCU arc is that of Hayley Atwells Peggy Carter, who puts World War II on the look, and reveals that when Steve crashes into the ice, Peggys lives without him (if he ever made that dance date). However, when Steve meets up with Peggy, she feels like a dead lady who has passed them by.

Lightyear is collaborating with Commander Hawthorne on a mission-following adventure, which he hopes will reunite with. After a video hologram, Hawthorne sees her in a hospital bed and an old lady. However, the latter''s friendship is similar to Cap''s rematch with Sharon Carter in the later Captain America movies.

The Ragtag Teams Encourages And Caps to Respectively Befriend

Steve Rogers isn''t alone in Captain America: The First Avenger to defeat the Red Skull. He recruits Bucky Barnes alongside Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, James Montgomery Falsworth, and Jacques Dernier to attack other Hydra bases. Rogers'' team isn''t a villain in his first mission; they are just a typical soldier who has the potential and motivation to assist him save the day.

Lightyear reminded me of Captain America as well as the addition of a ragtag group to which he works with to flee Zurg. In this instance, Izzy Hawthorne, Mo Morrison, and Darby Steel are all on the lookout. It''s clear that this element isn''t unique to these two films, but it adds to the differences I noticed.

The Idea Of Buzz And Cap Going Back In Time To Be Happier

Zurg is an older Buzz who wants to return in time and modify the events that happened within the film to ensure that the film is completed the first time. Because of his selfish reasoning, Young Buzz is opposed to this and ends up having to fight him to ensure time isn''t changed. This also coincides with Captain America''s arc.

Although Captain Americas does not want or know how to go back in time, Cap ends up getting to go back in time to save the day. Finally, at the end of Avengers: Endgame, he returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and lives his life with Peggy, and we see a much older Cap returning to the present day who lived a happy and fulfilled life. Both stories delve into the same theme.

Legends That Inspire Heroes With Buzz And Cap

Both characters discover themselves a vast legacy that makes them legends within their universes that inspire generations of heroes. For Captain America, his heroics make him famous and the first Avenger that later inspires the larger Marvel team we meet in the modern day. He is the symbol of justice and doing the right thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Buzz Lightyear, while on his trips over the years, becomes a legend in his own way as one of the last Space Rangers before empowering them to return at the end of the film. And