Destiny 2: The Burden of Guilt god has rolled out all of his benefits

Destiny 2: The Burden of Guilt god has rolled out all of his benefits ...

Fusion rifles are a powerful tool in the PvP version of Destiny 2 but they can often be contingent on the correct set of benefits to have the kind of impact that has made them a popular one.

Burden of Guilt, a new Stasis fusion rifle from Trials of Osiris in Season of the Haunted, is one of the best of its kind thanks to a perk pool that includes nearly no bad options. Paired with the fact it is only the second Legendary fusion rifle to be available in the Kinetic slot, it is a weapon worth chasing.

Players can walk away with a promising Burden of Guilt, which includes such as Harmony, Successful Warm-Up, and High-Impact Reserves without wading through a wide variety of bad rewards. Additionally, the improvements to the Trials of Osiris rewards system by focusing engrams at Saint-14 give them the opportunity to get additional rolls.

Burden of Guilt is also a Adaptive Frame fusion rifle. Although these items have been previously seen on machines such as the Techeun Force or the Trinary System, Burden of Guilts has developed strong base statistics in areas such as range and aim to assist it stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for certain kinds of benefits, here''s how we''ve got our Burden of Guilt god rolls.

Destiny 2 has the best rewards and perks, including the Burden of Guilt god.

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Battery: Projection Fuse or Particle Repeater
  • First perk: Perpetual Motion
  • Second perk: High-Impact Reserves or Successful Warm-Up (Honorable mention: Harmony)
  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel
  • Battery: Enhanced Battery
  • First perk: Elemental Capacitor or Killing Wind
  • Second perk: Harmony or Swashbuckler (Honorable mention: Chill Clip)

Burden of Guilt is a great example of a weapon that has a build for everyone, but also provides the kind of benefits that allow the pig of the crop to climb to the top. High-Impact Reserves have always been a reliable option for boosting a fusion rifles effective range in the Crucible, and with additional barrel or battery options that compliment that range, Burden of Guilt may be capable of consistently quick kills at a short to medium range.

In such a setting, a PvE god roll might be difficult to construct, owing to the fact that the majority of fusion rifles are outclassed by other weapons. However, features such as Harmony and Chill Clip help you get the most out of the weapon, especially when it comes to a Stasis subclass.

While the total perk pool in Burden of Guilts is more limited than the likes of playlist weapons, there may be choices outside of the ones listed here that will suit other players playingstyles better. Here''s a breakdown of all of the Burden of Guilts perk options so you may be certain to pick out what works best for you.

Perpetual Motion has been growing in popularity with each passing season and has become a staple in PvP. Merely having to move for a short time to activate its stat-boosting effects gives it one of the most beneficial benefits available to Guardians in Destiny 2 right now. An easy-to-access boost to stability such can make a huge difference in moment-to-moment gameplay.

Elemental Capacitor is likely to be ignored by the majority of players, but the increases that it offers are significant. While it does require using certain subclasses to achieve specific stability improvements, such as having to play on a Void subclass for a significant increase, its something that is fairly simple to build around. As such, the increases that it offers are far more impactful than any other option in the barrel, battery, or perk columns.

Solar offers 50 bonus reload speed, Arc provides 50 bonus handling, Void with the aforementioned 20 bonus stability, and Stasis improving recoil direction, there''s rarely a bad bonus that Elemental Capacitor offers.

Only confident players who believe they can secure an initial kill, have ammo left over, and who can actually make use of Killing Winds range and movement speed boosts should look to this as their god roll.

Well-Rounded is a new strategy with a lot of potential, but it requires a specific build set to get the most out of it. The hefty boosts to range, stability, and handling for ten seconds is a promising proposition, but the requirement costs are quite high for the majority of players. Having to use a grenade or hit an enemy with a charged melee means getting a brief boost that can be closely matched by perks like Perpetual Motion.

If you want Well-Rounded to be successful in the long run, high discipline or strength builds are necessary, but players who can utilize it effectively will be a must-see.

While statistical advancements might help you in the long run, it may be useful for players who tend to rarely utilize their abilities or have quick downs, however, as the benefits vary from having fully charged abilities.

In the face of Killing Wind, Steady Hands struggles to make a bid for itself, despite a similar activation cost but boosts to range that prove far more vital to a fusion rifles performance. Its not a bad choice for PvE, but there are probably better choices out there.

Since the weapon class was first buffed in PvP, High-Impact Reserves has always been active. Every player starting with two shots available in a fusion rifle in the Crucible is difficult to pass up. It can often be the difference between succeeding or failing to get a kill at the upper limit of a fusion rifles range.

Successful Warm-Up is a fresher contender for the top spot in a Crucible players fusion rifle loadout. Shorter charge times are crucial in defeating a rapidly approaching shotgun wielder, but more often than not, a shorter charge time on a fusion rifle is reduced by a trade-off in the damage department.

Successful Warm-Up works not only for impact damage, but also for players who are overweight in many battles.

Harmony is one of the most powerful damage-boosting bonuses available on Burden of Guilt. Besides, having access to the 20 percent damage increase to your fusion rifle does not involve losing some of your limited ammo reserves to do it. Harmony is a great option for players who like to start a fight with their primary weapon.

As part of its Stasis identity, one of Burden of Guilts has a few exclusive benefits, including the Chill Clip. While its functionality allows the fusion rifle to have a wide range of crowd control capabilities it does not have usually. It also pairs well with a Stasis subclass, working alongside several Fragments that may provide additional benefits after slowing or freezing combatants.

Swashbuckler is a more traditional damage-boosting option on Burden of Guilt, and it is a reliable option if you happen to get a roll of the weapon on. With Swashbuckler equipped, a melee kill can give Burden of Guilt an immediate damage boost for 4.5 seconds. The synergy makes Swashbuckler an ideal combination.

In this column, Vorpal struggles to shine among its competitors, but can still prove beneficial in the niche circumstance that a player is bringing Burden of Guilt into endgame content. Even if fusion rifles currently have a seasonal mod that gives them anti-champion effects, the passive damage buff will be given away.