In FFXIV, how to correct a technical issue has erupted

In FFXIV, how to correct a technical issue has erupted ...

Square Enix updates the Final Fantasy XIV: Online platform for its users. These updates range from new information, such as raids, gear, and other things, to bug fixes that are meant to be addressed.

Some of these updates come from a good location but others may be problematic in other areas that might not be apparent or reveal themselves to the developers until the game is launched. A technical issue has occurred error when people enter the game. This prevents people from being able to enter the game and interact with the world of Hydaelyn.

Here, we should go over what to do when this error code comes up, and how to fix it, so that players may return to the true FFXIV experience they love.

How to get rid of the error code A technical issue has occurred.

The error code is from using Steam to register to FFXIV and connecting the Steam account to the Square Enix account.

People who have yet to link their Steam accounts to Square Enix are likely to be confronted with this issue, but even those who have already connected the two accounts are not immune to this error code.

According to the community, the error code is connected to multiple avenues.

The first step that has worked for many is as simple as changing the Steam name. For whatever reason, the FFXIV launcher does not appreciate non-alphanumeric characters and can be tripped up by them. So, the first choice is to change your Steam name and see if that works.

If changing the Steam name does not work, the next option is based on some remaining information about the free trial version of FFXIV. This information is specifically linked to the ECT folder, which can be found in the Final Fantasy XIV directory.

Search the directory for the folder called ECT and happily delete the file. After the file has been deleted, restart steam and restart the game. The error code should be gone and exploration the world of Hydaelyn can continue.

One of the last strategies is to do a fresh install of FFXIV to eradicate the problem. It is recommended to see if the ECT folder from above is still there. If its found in the fresh install, delete it as well as it is known to cause issues.

If all of the above fails, the best course of action is to contact Square Enix support for further instructions on how to avoid the technical issue.