Fnatic Halo changes Envore to an active roster, and will soon announce his replacement

Fnatic Halo changes Envore to an active roster, and will soon announce his replacement ...

Fnatic hasn''t had the capability to have an introduction to Halo Infinite esports.

After a disappointing slew of results since the NA Super and HCS Orlando''s late departure in January, the organization has made its first significant roster move in the gap later this year. Envore has been moved to the active roster, free to explore new opportunities, and the player he will debut in the next HCS Open Series tournament.

Torez @Envore Broyles has been moved to the inactive roster and has the chance to pursue new opportunities. In the future, we''ll be releasing our new player, which will be their first player in the upcoming HCS Opens. Thanks for everything! #ALWAYSFNATIC pic.twitter.com/CCGb47HdeF #ALWAYSFNATIC pic.twitter.com/CCGb47HdeF

In the past five months, the Fnatic roster has struggled to break into the top eight teams in North America. During its five-month tenure under the partnered organization, the roster, composed of Envore, Sceptify, SuperCC, and Juziro, was picked up. On occasion, glimpses of that potential have re-surfaced, including a nail-biting series against Cloud9 at HCS Anaheim, which saw the underdog squad nearly take down the defending champions.

Fnatic has failed to finish any major tournament in the top eight, often settling for the top 12. The lack of progress and fear of stagnation have forced the team to act while Halo Infinite entered an offseason prior to the online Super in August.

While the team remains confident on who Envores'' replacement, a number of big names are on the market right now. However, chances of players such as Bubu Dubu joining the roster are low, with opportunities on squads of an additional skill, like G1, who he has been trialing with recently. However, Fnatic is optimistic that the change will help break them into the upper echelons of competitive Halo.