How to Get Roblox's Wacky Wizards' Magic Orb Ingredient

How to Get Roblox's Wacky Wizards' Magic Orb Ingredient ...

Wacky Wizards has landed a mysterious Magic Orb, which it is ready to be added to your collection! Become a buzzing bee, sneak into the trap, and steal it while you can. For more information, check out our complete potions list.

How to unlock the Magic Orb ingredient

Take a walk to Oz''s hidden cave once you''ve entered the Wacky Wizards. Hanging from this tree should be a beehive with the Sleepy Bee ingredient inside of itclick on this ingredient to pick it up.

Return to your cauldron and drop it inside. Then, make the Bee Disguise potion and drink it.

Fly to the tallest tree in Wacky Wizards and take the elevator pictured below.

The inside of this hive is the Magic Orb flavor.

To add the Magic Orb to your collection, simply teleport back to your cauldron, toss the ingredient inside, and press theSpawnbutton to begin brewing. After a few seconds, theOrbpotion should appear.

Magic Orb potions list

All of the currently known Magic Orb potions are listed in the following list!

548OrbMagic OrbBecome an Orb!
549Fly-orbMagic Orb + FairyFly on an Orb!
550Orb-grenadeMagic Orb + DynamiteGet an Orb Grenade
551Orb-headMagic Orb + BrainGet a big orb head!
552Rollin-orbMagic Orb + CoconutBecome a rollin orb!
553Orb-armsMagic Orb + Pool NoodleGet orb arms!
554Orb-poopMagic Orb + Rotten SandwichPoop Orbs!
555Orbiting-orbsMagic Orb + Ethereum CrystalGet Orbiting Orbs!
556Silver-paintgunMagic Orb + PaintbrushGet a silver paint gun!

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