Borderlands 3 Moze Builds DPS for the End Game!

Borderlands 3 Moze Builds DPS for the End Game! ...

Moze the Gunner is a first-person shooter for Borderlands 3, who loves mech warfare and has a great weapon. This means you''ll be dealing huge amounts of damage to your foes with a variety of weapons.

By using Bottomless Mags, Demolition Woman, and Shield of Retribution skill trees, you''ll have more chances against enemies in Borderlands 3.

The Borderlands 3 Moze Builds Guide reveals some of the top choices for character and class. Check out the Borderlands 3 Best Builds, Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List, and all Typhon Log Locations in Borderlands 3.

What are the best Moze builds in Borderlands 3?

Multiple Borderlands 3 Moze builds can be chosen from. They''re leveraging the different skill trees, in order to be more effective. Check out this page often as we''ll be rotating out builds when more powerful options are discovered!

End Game Boss Killer Moze Build

If you want to destroy bosses with guns, then the End Game Boss Killer Moze Build (credit to WillisGaming) is the best choice! What this build requires is that you have a Deathless Legendary artifact for Moze. It then reduces your health to 1, which synergizes with the rest of the build.

You will also want to get a high Weapon Damage class mod to compliment the build. The Lyuda Sniper Rifle is an extremely powerful weapon that quickly fires a ton of bullets. It also has a huge crit bonus which will result in you doing a ton of damage to enemies.

When you have high shields or low health, you''ll be reducing both the Bottomless Mags and the Shield of Retribution trees. Most of the key skills are to increase your Gun Damage. One of those is Armored Infantry, which provides you a good boost of damage when you have a shield active.

Desperate Measures help you reduce your Gun Damage by up to 50% depending on how small your health is. If you''ve got the Deathless Artifact, then you''ll have a 50% increase in Gun Damage every time.

The Bottomless Mags tree will allow us to rarely have to reload and allows us to continue firing back and forth. Redistribution which regenerates ammo every time you hit a critical hit, and Click Click... will help increase damage as well!

Moze Build for RetributionRailgun/Grenade Launcher

Shield of Retribution - The Railgun/Grenade Launcher Moze Build builds on the three strongest early versions of Moze. Together, the Railgun and the V-35 Grenade Launcher will be used as weapons for the Iron Bear. Once the Capacity Armature augments, the Railgun may provide significant AOE for various enemy situations.

That''ll make those times when you become overrun a lot easier to manage. On the Grenade Launcher side, we''re running the Shaped Charge increase, which greatly increases the damage it after you land a direct hit.

Thin Red Line offers a great mix of health benefits but increases shields, and Desperate Measures provide a significant increase in gun damage if we''re infected with health. This is a great way to have this build, as you will now have the buff!

Tenacious Defense has the ability to restore a portion of the shield once it is popped, plus it gives us a massive gun damage buff. Combine this with Force Feedback, which instantly starts charging the shield when you score a critical kill.

Tenacious Defense hasn''t had a bad day, so you can keep having shield pop and get the buff, then return it quickly after a critical kill. That''s why we''re putting tons of gun damage into the fight.

Torgue-Focused Demolition Woman Moze Build

The Torgue-Focused Demolition Woman Moze Build (credit to SpriteGuy_000) is focused on the Demolition Woman tree and dealing splash damage with Torgue weaponry. To use these weapons, switch between regular and sticky-projectile fire modes. Stickies do more damage if a bunch of them detonate on the same target.

The projectiles are explosive, and the Demolition Woman tree is centered around using this type of gun. You can take this further by upgrading the Matched Set ability, which gives us a buff to magazine size for using items from the same manufacturer (Torgue).

Iron Bear will be launching two weapons on the V-35 Grenade Launcher and Vanquisher Rocket Pods. You must run the Lock and Speedload on the Grenade Launcher for large burst fire and quicker reloading.

The Rocket Pods have been upgraded as part of the Active Tracking program that allows you to hold down the fire button and target multiple enemies, and you may then release the button, which will then unleash a volley of them at those poor souls.

With the Short Fuse passive ability, we can cap off this skill tree. There will be a chance for a secondary explosion if you deal gun damage. We''ve already discovered things everywhere, so adding even more to that will be immunization!

Double Salamander Moze Build

Double Salamander Build (Credit to Phosphorus015) is introducing double flamethrowers that deal Incendiary Damage when used. The goal is to increase fuel capacity with these weapons so that you can get in close and douse enemies with double-barrels of flames! It also increases your movement speed, allowing us to catch any enemies that try to escape.

You need to go all the way through the Bottomless Mags skill tree. It includes a variety of skills that increase the ability to use salamanders but also increase the capability to keep up firing with regular rifles. Specialist Bear also increases Iron Bear''s +25% damage while employing two of the same weapons.

When we reach the bottom of three, we''ll be able to integrate a point into the Forge capability. This allows us Ammo Regeneration for weapons, which means we''ll never have to reload it, but it also allows us unlimited ammo on heavy weapons such as a rocket and grenade launchers! This is a pretty powerful technique and will allow for a lot of fun gameplay.