Teddi Mellencamp Teases With The RHOC Alum: I Unfollowed Her

Teddi Mellencamp Teases With The RHOC Alum: I Unfollowed Her ...

In June 2022, Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson revealed her disdain for Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, who has become known as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Tamra Judge, Gunvalsons'' real housewives Ultimate Girls Trip co-star, discussed her podcast, Two Ts In A Pod, which she met with Arroyave. Gunvalson appeared irritated and explained that she wasn''t fond of the former RHOBH star.

I don''t know Teddi Mellencamp, but I''m not interested in Teddi Mellencamp, according to the 60-year-old.

Gunvalson said that when a judge asked her how much she disliked her, she told me that something about her bad behavior.

During a June 2022 episode of Two Ts In A Pod, Arroyave discussed Gunvalsons. She shared that she was under the impression that the RHOC alum called her boring, which she suggested was a common complaint among Bravo fans.

Lets talk about Vicki going after me, I, 100 percent Im fair game, I can be obnoxious, annoying, controlling But heres the one thing, choose something new, if the one thing that youre going to attack me for is being boring then you just read something off the world wide web, you dont know me, find something new. To me, it''s a farewell blow. Arroyave warned.

The judge said that she can''t be sure of the boring thing, but that her former RHOC co-star said in the interview that she did not like [Arroyave].

I said, do you know Teddi? Have you ever met him? She said, no. I think you can not respect somebody you dont know, and I think it all comes down to is she doesnt like me doing this podcast with you, and I think we know that, she was our boss. We know that, stated the reality television personality.

Because she posted about her on social media for monetary gain, Arroyave revealed that she already had issues with Gunvalson.

Vicki can say that if you like me please dont use me to get paid for click for links because I saw on your Instagram pray for Teddi. Tap the link here, some bs, stated the founder of All In.

Following her blog post, she revealed that she removed Gunvalson from her Instagram.

I unfollowed her because, like once you come for me, I dont follow people Im not interested in seeing, according to Arroyave.

Vicki Gunvalson appeared in Teddi Mellencamps'' Instagram post.

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On June 22, Arroyave shared a portion of the Gunvalsons Entertainment Tonight podcast on Instagram. In the caption, the RHOBH alum encouraged her followers to tune in to the second season of RHUGT, which is expected to be seen on June 23.

I can only hope@vickigunvalsongot paid in gasoline cards because her love tank seems to be on empty lately. Hope this post doesnt have her calling my@iheartradioboss to try and take my job again@bricesander, wrote Arroyave.

Gunvalson was quick to comment and noted that she did not appreciate the post.

I never thought I''d do it. Im good honey I have a career @coto.insuranceand work with@debtcom. Oh and my love tank is full and its not stuck on empty at all. That was rude! Please dont use me for content on your podcast please.@bricesander@tamrajudge, commented the former RHOC star.

In January 2022, Vicki Gunvalson was a guest on two sets in a walker.

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Gunvalson was interviewed by Judge and Arroyave during a two-day conversation in a Pod on January 2022. She said she wanted to have a podcast with Judge.

We never met you, Teddi, because ours, her, and we were on the same show, we talked about doing a podcast, the next thing I know, lickety-split, youre like oh Tamra Two Ts In A Teapot like okay whatever, that''s odd but acceptable, according to the former RHOC star.

Vicki Gunvalson stated that she would like to be on RHOC again.

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Gunvalson spent the night talking to Extra TV in June 2022, when she said she would like to return to RHOC. As fans know, the reality television personality was left the series after its fourteenth season.

I''d like to meet with you. I have so much to share. I''m in such a different position, according to Gunvalson.

She continued to say that Bravo producers expressed hope for a cast of younger women for RHOC.

I can''t say how long you should be outing because of your age, but it''s what I can''t say. Bravo made their choice, and if they want to call me, they know where to call me.