Fans slam American Idol Judge Luke Bryan

Fans slam American Idol Judge Luke Bryan ...

After a video he dragged where he held a baby onstage at one of his concerts, some fans were dissatisfied with American Idol judge and country star Luke Bryan.

Bryan posted the video on June 21, 2022, and in it, he walks around on the stage holding a baby.

When you end up holding someones baby, you know when it''s a party, according to a caption. #LukeInVegas

Several people claim that the baby needs headphones that are noise-canceling.

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Several people took the time to comment on the fact that the baby should have been protected from noise.

According to, the growing ears of babies and toddlers are susceptible to damaging, ensuring that hearing protection, especially at a young age, helps to maintain excellent hearing.

The baby was not Bryans, but it''s likely that he did not have a say in whether the baby had ear protection on.

And, as a result, I need that baby''s ears be protected soon. That''s why I''m so glad to hear from another person.

Another commented, First thought was awww how great then quickly went to wait dont babies normally wear noise canceling headphones where are his.

Who brings a baby to a concert. Poor ears!, according to another person.

Many other points have implyed that the babys headphones were located, implying that one person has even called it abuse to the baby''s ears.

Yeah, im sure the babies'' ears loved that.. one person said.

Some thought that holding the baby at all was odd.

Another person wrote this thing, putting the truth to their hearts.

Another comment, a quasi kidnapping.

Bryan jokingly states in the video that he cannot find the mother of the baby.

What is the mother of this infant? Bryan asked, singing Return to Sender by Elvis Presley as the babys mother joins him on stage. He then said, sorry I stole your baby.

Selon certaines, Bryan should alter his appearance.

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Some members of the committee expressed their view about Bryans'' style, including a pair of tight jeans, a t-shirt, and a backward hat.

One person wrote a sweet baby. Luke Bryan you are a good looking guy but please remove the cap!!

Bryan is currently living in Las Vegas.

Luke Bryan, a country music icon, stars in the New Resorts World Theatre and gives a taste of the event. His highly anticipated shows in Las Vegas included an electric performance that had fans on their feet.

The residency will take place until early September 2022.

Bryan is on a tour for the summer. During the day of the Raised Up Right Tour, he performed a pre-party concert on June 9, 2022. The tour will travel over 30 districts throughout the summer of 2022.

Bryan announced his retirement when he was confident in getting the chance to perform again for his supporters.

I am privileged to be on stage performing to country music enthusiasts, according to him when planning the tour in January 2022. Every night when I walk out on that stage and you know you are there to have a blast along with me. It never gets old!

Season 21 of American Idol is expected to premiere in the spring of 2023. Each of the three judges and host Ryan Seacrest are expected to return.