Fans cheer Scheana Shay after revealing a new business

Fans cheer Scheana Shay after revealing a new business ...

Scheana Shay and her husband, Brock Davies, have a one-year-old daughter named Summer Moon Honey Davies, who appeared on Instagram on June 20, 2022. Shay said she had started a lash line called Viva Verano, which means to a long-live summer. Shay kept three boxes of her false lashes while tilting her head and looking directly at the camera.

Ahhhhhhh! The day is here! @vivaveranolashes are now available! Summer, Moon, and Honey are all available to purchase now! Shay posted the caption.

Several Bravo stars joined the comments section to congratulate Shay on her new business.

Hannah Berner, a former Summer House star, wrote a protest of usuuuuuu.

Ariana Madix, the co-star of Shays Vanderpump Rules, says she will never forget her outfits.

On June 21, aReddit user uploaded an image of the company''s logo and the photo of Shay with her lashes on the Vanderpump Rules subreddit.

Read the caption of the Reddit post to Scheanas famous lashes.

Users of Reddit shared their views about the Scheana Shays Lash Line.

Scheana (@scheana) shares a post.

In the comments section, many Bravo fans shared their views on the matter.

No one has said that scheanas lashes. Some might say that scheana is still making a splash, but not her lashes, according to a commenter.

I have literally never seen Scheana before thinking to myselfI wonder what lashes she wearand I know how kind of girl she wears lashes to most special events. The branding is terrible. I say that as a Latina who understands what the name is, but I dont know how to describe it.

Those lashes look like they suck, but why did she select that photo lol Im not trying to be mean but she looks weird in that. Like that was the best one they got, according to a Bravo viewer.

Several Reddit users shared that the logo''s appearance was unavoidable.

What is the font girl, according to a commenter.

I know how Microsoft Paint h*** works now, but I know she can afford to have a professional logo made. Im sure there aren''t less than 100 people in her IG comments advertising their graphics businesses. I was going to question if Brock made the logo for her, but it was correct so I know he did not add another.

This is NOT the Logo. What in the Clip Art?! asked a different person.

The lash lifting in the picture, the f***** amateur font, and the fact that there''s absolutely nothing different or special about these lashes She also looks straight up BAD in all of these pictures. I usually think she''s so pretty so I dont know what happened but it''s not good, chimed in a Vanderpump Rules fan.

Lala Kent a participed in helping Scheana Shay with her Lash Line.

@lalakent has shared a post.

Lori Lala Kents'' Give Them Lala on a June 2022 episode, she revealed that she helped Shay in choosing her products.

I got to help her choose the style I like and I told them that they are the ones that I like so she can hold those big beautiful eyes that can handle pretty much any type of lash. I cant. I look like a drunk puppet, like one of those dolls where they close their eyes. So I just gave her her my thoughts about what she has done best on her kind of eye, who knows if she took it or not. However, I know that all of the styles are amazing.