How to Make Lightbringer Emblems in Dead by Daylight

How to Make Lightbringer Emblems in Dead by Daylight ...

The Lightbringer emblem is a gift for Dead by Daylight, and you may earn them by participating in Trials as a Survivor. Some of these activities may involve the game''s focus, but these are things that you may want to consider while playing the game. In this video, we discussed how to get Lightbringer Emblems in Dead by Daylight.

How to earn Lightbringer Emblems

Each emblem in Dead by Daylight has a number of ratings: bronze, silver, gold, and iridescent. The higher the quality of your emblem at the end of a game, the more you paid attention to this activity to support your team. This is how you must earn these points in a Dead by Daylight trial to improve the lightbringer emblem rankings.

  • Bronze: 30 points
  • Silver: 100 points
  • Gold: 190 points
  • Iridescent: 270 points

The Lightbringer emblem has a focus on generator repair, which is your only strategy to escape the Killer and win the match as a Survivor. Unlike other Survivors, this skill will be divided up among you, as long as others help you complete one. However, when other Survivors assist you in completing one, you may earn a small amount of points for being chased while your teammates work on generator repairs. It won''t be enough for you to.

These are just a few points you can earn towards your Lightbringer emblem in Dead by Daylight.

  • Chased during Generator Repairs: 0 to 33 points
  • Chased while Cleansing a Dull Totem: 5 Points
  • Chased while Cleansing a Hex Totem: 10 points
  • Cleanse Hex Totem: 50 points
  • Cleanse Dull Totem: 20 points
  • Completed Generator: 5 points (to all Survivors)
  • Generator Repairs: 100 points, but this varies and splits between all Survivors
  • Open an Exit Gate: 15 points

During a match, you may also look for Dull or Hex Totems. However, cleaning them before the end of a match is a great way to gain points for your Lightbringer emblem, and these will not always be available to the Killer even when they encounter them. We recommend not counting on them; instead, you should focus on Generators and try to flip those on yourself.