MMR does not mean in Overwatch, and will it be reset in Overwatch 2

MMR does not mean in Overwatch, and will it be reset in Overwatch 2 ...

Have you ever felt like your competitive rank is stuck in Overwatch, and no matter how many games you win, you seem to make much progress? This might be because Overwatch uses more than just wins and losses to determine your overall rank, and it also employs a set of criteria that aren''t as straightforward to see, called MMR. Here''s how MMR works in Overwatch, and whether you have to worry about it or not in Overwatch 2.

MMR explained

Overwatch is a second, hidden rank that operates like your visible player ranking (also known as SR) with a few differences. Generally, SR is reflective of individual skill and usually fluctuates quite a bit as you go through winning or losing streaks. This means that MMR is a more reliable score that only changes dramatically if you increase your impact over a long period of time.

As noted, although the two numbers are distinct, the MMR has a positive impact on SR over time. For example, you may win four matches in a row and gain 20 SR each time, but follow that up with two losses, ending up right where you started. In this instance, your MMR is lower than your SR, and the game is improving for what it calls your true ranking.

Will MMR carry over to Overwatch 2?

In the run-up to the release of Overwatch 2, the games'' principal system designer Scott Mercer stated that player MMR scores would (mostly) not be reset with the release of the sequel. This means that players who desire to jump back into the sequel after some time will have something more like a soft reset.

The Overwatch player SR is only applicable to player SR, and MMR is still unchanged. This means that Overwatch players may stay away for months at a time and regain most of their rank relatively quickly upon returning. This will no longer be the case, and players will have to spend more time regaining their lost rank.