In Vampire Survivors, how to unlock Peppino the tree

In Vampire Survivors, how to unlock Peppino the tree ...

Patch 0.7.3 for Vampire Survivors is live, and it comes with a brand new character. Peppino the tree is a silly addition, but its one that you''ll want to add to your roster nonetheless.

Peppino is a secret character, based on Exdash. It requires a totally different approach to one of the games levels. Read on to learn all you need to do before you get it.

How to unlock Peppino in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Peppino, you''ll need to visit Il Molise (note how the character is a clone of the trees in the screenshot above). Hyper Mode must be unlocked for any other stage, and it becomes available once you have unlocked Hyper Mode for any other stage. See our Hyper Mode guide for all the details on that Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, and Gallo Tower are all valid.

Il Molise is restored to its original level, but it helps heal the plant enemies rather than damaging them. Celestial Dusting is the first weapon for OSole the dog, and it can spawn for any character once the plant has been unlocked. Spend 666 coins, and it''s yours. If you need to get more gold, make sure you get the ball done.

How to use Peppino in Vampire Survivors

Peppino is a tree, and as such, its roots are built in place. Some Vampire Survivors players prefer runs without moving anyway. Peppino starts with a boost to health, armor, and magnet, but a significant reduction in weapon area. Although, Peppino is a powerful one, you must be willing to accept the tradeoff of no movement.